Friday, October 14, 2011

To BB or not to BB

I'm quite a geek at heart and I love my gadgets as much as my lip glosses. And no, I don't mean vibrators! Right now the gadgets that occupy pride of place in my life are my Creative Portable media player, my iPad, my 8" touchscreen swivel screen laptop, my blackberry and err my epilator.

I've been quite a blackberry loyalist up until now but with so many tempting Androids flooding the market I'm seriously thinking of moving. So what would my ideal phone have?
Android gingerbread OS
Atleast a 1 gHz processor
8mp camera, HD video recording
Min 3.5" touchscreen
Slide out qwerty keypad
Min 1800mAh battery
Oh and it helps if the phone comes in pretty colours like White or pink.

Samsung Captivate Glide

Samsung Galaxy Note
Buuuut such a phone hasn't been made yet. Pity. Oh this awesome Samsung Captivate Glide seems perfect but hasnt been launched yet and I hope I don't have to sell my kidney to buy it when it hits the markets. Droid3 and the Xperia pro come close but the battery worries me. Samsung galaxy sII ticks all the boxes but lacks a physical qwerty. Le sigh. Samsung galaxy Note looks interesting, it's like a love child of the phone and a tablet but again lacks a physical keypad and seems too big to fit into my pockets or purses. And no other brand seems to even come close. Samsung is at the top of the game when it comes to Android phones.

Why do I need a physical keypad? Umm.. Coz I blog, tweet, text, email, makes notes and lists on my phone. So basically I type a lot and cannot make do with an onscreen keypad alone.

So my only other option is to continue with Blackberry. The only factor that makes me even consider BB despite the lousy battery is BBM. And I'm wondering whether to pick up a cheapie BB like the curve (in white of course) and use it till THE Samsung phone becomes a reality or if I should just stick to BB for a while longer and go for a fancier phone like the Torch or the Bold touch and type (is white available? What? Black looks so serious and un-fun)

BB Torch

BB Curve

BB Bold Touch

My current BB is the pearl flip, an ancient model which is a moody bitch and I need to wrestle with it to get it to switch on even. So I need to seriously ditch it and get a new one ASAP. Whattodo...whattodo... Gah!

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