Friday, October 7, 2011

Shopping experience at, Review of NYX cream blush in "Glow"

So, in keeping with my favourite activity of trolling the internet for new, shiny things I came across this great new Indian site called Its got NYX stuff you guys! And free shipping! And Cash on Delivery! Reason enough to buy right? Right.

Ok so after half an hour of hyperventilating from the excitement and browsing the whole site I decided to get the NYX cream blush in the shade called Glow to start off. See how prudent I am by dipping my toes in first to test the waters and not diving headfirst despite my excitement? Yep, I'm pretty cool like that.
I've always been using cheek stains coz I have oily skin and powder doesn't stay longer than a couple of hours. I've been eyeballing the cream blushes for a while and wanted to get my paws on some and decided to start off with NYX.

Ok so the prices are a little expensive compared to other International sites like BeautyJoint, Porkdaisy or Cherryculture but still cheap for the quality of the products and ease of delivery/payment plus no customs hassle. This blush cost me Rs.520.

Review of the NYX Rouge Cream Blush in "Glow"

Yay for:

  • Intense pigmentation
  • Dewy and fresh looking
  • Brightens up my complexion, I'm NC40
  • Nice packaging
  • Can use fingers or a blush brush to apply, easy to apply
  • Looks very natural
  • Colour would suit all skin tones
  • Quite inexpensive

Boo for:

  • Not very long lasting- lasts about 3 hours on my oily skin before it starts to fade
  • It doesn't dry down to a powder finish so would move around if you rub your cheeks
  • it's not sweat or water proof

Good for: dry skinned girls, in the winters

Rating: ***

The lil black box, the blush and the free samples

NYX Cream blush in Glow

NYX cream blush in Glow

Ok but how was the whole urban touch experience?
Quite awesome. I highly recommend it. I placed the order on Monday night and Tuesday afternoon I got a confirmation email saying my order had been shipped through Blue dart with the tracking Id and everything and on Thursday afternoon I received it. I paid the blue dart guy when accepting the package. It was very neatly packed in a lil black box as you can see from the pics. Very very satisfied. Would definitely be buying from them again.

Rating: ****

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