Friday, October 21, 2011

Faces nail enamel in shade 15 "Shimmer Puce": Review, swatches, NOTD

I have ugly boy feet. Really. My feet are wide and flat. I've always admired women with pretty, dainty feet. Women who don't need a pedicure to make their feet feel pretty, unlike me. I cannot not paint my toenails. I have to keep em neat and painted colourful to make them look quirky atleast, if not pretty. Sigh. Which is why I always look out for funky, unconventional colours. But sometimes I find a pretty, girly shade that makes me go weak in the err..toes and tricks me into thinking that if I wear such shades my feet would also look delicate and pretty (gosh, I really must find a synonym for pretty. That adjective is over used and abused in this post. Dayum)

Ugly boy foot
Annywaaayyy, one such beyoootiful, delicate yet unconventional shade is the Faces "Shimmer Puce". it's a Mauvish grey shade which is shot with coppery red shimmer. The final effect is really nice. It's a little like the onion peel colour but more lavender. The photos don't really do proper justice to it. The colour is much in real life. I got this from for Rs.155. It's MRP is 199 though.

With flash

Indoors-in natural light

Indoors-in natural light
Outdoors-in bright sunlight
It comes in a square bottle and has 12ml of the nail paint. The brush is soft and applies well. The consistency of the paint itself is quite easy to work with and goes on opaque in just 2 coats. It dries pretty fast too after application. I would suggest applying the first coat very thin and then layering the next one after it has dried completely. This started chipping after 3 days on my fingers but would probably last a couple of days longer with a top coat. Also I find my paints last longer on my toes than on my fingers so it would probably last about a week to 10 days on my toes. This has a shelf life of 2 years. It looks subtle yet attractive and works with formal wear as well. Love it!

You can buy this online here. You can also check out other Faces nail polishes here and here.

Rating: ***

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