Friday, December 9, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream- Addis Ababa and Monte Carlo: Swatches and Review

I'm in love. And not just with one, but 2 guys! And my lovers are not from around here. One's from Addis Ababa and the other's from Monte Carlo. Yeah baby! pssst.. But dont tell the husband. I just cant get enough of these guys. Wherever I go, I wanna take them with me, flaunt them. They make me feel sexy and beautiful. I'm talking about NYX's soft matte lip creams you guys! These are seriously the best lip creams I've ever tried. Oh and I've tried quite a few.
I've got these in 2 bright shades right now. Why bright shades? Coz bright shades work best when they're matte coz that way they stay on longer and dont smear or transfer to your teeth or chin or glasses or bleed. Matte is the only way to go when you're doing a bright lip, in my book atleast.

Addis Ababa: This is a bright fuchsia (pink with strong blue undertones) that really works well against my NC40 skin without looking too loud. On someone fairer, it might look too bright. But the best part is that this can be worn as a stain or as a full on matte lip colour. Goes on fairly opaque and does a good job of coverign any lip pigmentation. Bought this from BeautyJoint for $4.50 which is about Rs.300.

Monte Carlo: This is a blue based red with pinkish undertones thats completely opaque and can be used as a stain (it'll look like a deep pink) or as a proper matte lip colour. Intense pigmentation and beautiful colour. Works well against my skin and I think it'd suit all skin tones. The texture of this is slightly different from Addis Ababa's in that its sort of oilier feeling. I dont think it has any oil content but just smooths on more easily and feels lovely on the lips, not drying at all. I picked this up from UrbanTouch for Rs.600.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo and Addis Ababa

Doe foot applicators
Swatches: Addis Ababa and Monte Carlo

Addis Ababa- natural light, no flash
Monte Carlo- immediately after application

Monte Carlo- after 20 mins, dry

Yay for:

  • Packaging is very nice. The top part is in a soft matte finish rubbery plastic which feels very expensive. And the tubes themselves match the colour of the lip cream.
  • Intense pigmentation. Goes on completely opaque.
  • Can be used as a stain (with just one coat) or a proper matte lipstick
  • Doe foot applicator makes application a breeze even with dark colours and you dont need a lipliner
  • The texture of these is just dreamy. Its like a whipped mousse and feels silky smooth on the lips.
  • No clumping or balling up.
  • Feels completely light on the lips. After a while doesnt feel like you have anything on at all! 
  • Not drying like other matte lipsticks. But not moisturizing either.
  • Has a nice warm vanilla fragrance.
  • Applies wet but in about 20 mins dries to a full matte finish.
  • Once dry, it gets 90% transfer resistant. Wont transfer to cups or glasses. 
  • Once dry also gets water resistant. So even if you accidentally lick your lips, it wont come off.
  • Last about 6 hours or till your meal, whichever is earlier.
  • Easy to remove. Comes off with soap and water or any make up remover.
  • Quite inexpensive. Especially if you buy it from sites like Beautyjoint or PorkDaisy.
Nay for:
  • Like any other matte lipstick this too may settle in the fine lines. But doesnt really look thaat bad. Doesnt make the lips look like the Sahara or anything but you might want to use a non glossy balm underneath to protect your lips.
  • Comes off when you eat and fades unevenly. You're left with a ring of colour (like a thick lipliner) after a greasy meal.
Overall, I love these and I'm definitely buying more. I think these are available in 11 colours. I strongly recommend the bright shades in these. 
You can buy these at BeautyJoint, PorkDaisy or UrbanTouch. The cheapest is BeautyJoint though.

My Rating: ****

P.S: I recently heard that VOV has the exact same dupes for about Rs.100. Has anyone seen them? Does anyone know where I can find them in Chennai? I'd love to explore shades that are not available in NYX. :)


  1. they are very pretty. i'm eyeing london and abu dhabi.

  2. nice..I bought san paulo ans stockholm. Cherry culture is usually cheaper than beauty joint.

  3. @aarthi:yeah you should pick up a couple as well
    @Anshita: London and Abu dhabi are both very similar. I recommend Abu dhabi. London will wash Indian skin tones out.
    @Kejal: yeah I've just ordered for San Paulo and stockholm. And BeautyJoint rates are cheaper but I guess cherry culture scores coz of the heavy discounts they have site wide every now and then.

  4. Beautiful shades<3
    Nice blog!!!

  5. got san paolo few days back..want amsterdam,milan and antwerp badly :P lol