Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NYX Mega Shine lipgloss in "Natural": Swatches and review

Everyone must have the perfect Nude lipstick in their make up kit. ...err..and the perfect red and perfect fuchsia and the perfect mlbb...oh anyway my search for the perfect nude lippie has brought another one to my stash. This time it's not a lipstick but a gloss. But then again this gloss behaves more like a liquid lipstick.
Anyhow, I bought this NYX Megashine Lipgloss from for Rs.371. It's available for much cheaper at BeautyJoint though. As always delivered this in 3 days. No complaints there. Btw I've noticed that seems to have the lowest rates for most items when compared to UrbanTouch or 365gorgeous or BLab. At par with StyleCraze I guess.

Coming back to the product, this Megashine Lip Gloss is very wrongly named I think. I ordered this in the shade called "Natural" which is a light creamy beige colour with no shimmer or frost. This colour appears beige with a hint of peach on my lips without looking milky even though it's lighter than my natural lip colour. I have to take care to apply a thin layer and press my lips together to spread it evenly. It might work better on someone with a lighter complexion. I'm NC40.  This shade can only be paired with intense smokey eyes or my face looks washed out. It can also be used to tone down darker/brighter lipsticks by layering a thin coat over those.
It's not High Shine at all! Or perhaps mine being shimmer- less feels that way perhaps. But generally i find glosses that have thinner consistency tend to look more shiny. This is just a very thick gloss though. This comes in a rectangular see through plastic tube with a black shiny cap with a pretty bow embossed on top. This packs 11mL of product and has a slanted doe foot, sponge tipped applicator. The first thing that hits you when you unscrew the cap is the smell! Ugh! I can't stand it! It tastes like cough syrup. Yuck. The gloss itself is really thick and slightly sticky and intensely pigmented. A little goes a long way coz if you apply a little extra it will gloop around your mouth.
Pics below are clickable for a closer look. :)

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural


Bent doe foot applicator

Cute bow on the cap

On my lips

Yay for:

  • Intense pigmentation. Goes fully opaque.
  • Thick consistency and slightly sticky so it lasts about 4 hours easily before starting to fade. Unless you eat a greasy meal of course, and eat your gloss along with it, like me.
  • Doesn't feel too heavy on the lips
  • Feels moisturizing. Lip balm not required underneath.
  • Fades quite evenly and even after it's gone it leaves the lips feeling moisturized and slightly shiny.
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Huge shade selection available

Boo for:

  • Yucky cough syrup smell
  • If you apply a little extra it will get gloopy
  • Not really "mega shine" like the name says
  • Availability is an issue

Overall, I'm on the fence about this one coz although it's nicely pigmented and lasts a decent time, the smell and the thick consistency put me off. Perhaps I should try this in another colour and see how it fares.

You can buy this from UrbanTouch, Cosmetix or BeautyJoint.

My rating: ***


  1. on my i love the shade. its better if u pair it with a nude lippie :)

  2. wow, love this color, looking nice on your lips !!!

  3. @Raaga and Rakshanda: thanks!
    @Vanity: this is totally opaque and would hide any lipstick underneath! In fact this colour is too light for me. Very close to concealer lips! :(

  4. Heyy, sounds like a miss to me, smell and taste out of the picture na the product isn't that appealing anymore! :(
    Maybe you can wear a darker lipstick OVER this gloss so that it tones it down without the "concealer lips" showing by applying this on top? :)

  5. I have this too! I use it above my mahogany shade from maybelline, it gives opaque coverage~\

  6. @keerthi: yeah perhaps I should do that.. Can use it to tone down darker lipsticks
    @manya: guess I have to buy my mahogany now! ;)

  7. thts a pretty shade :) bt i guess it will wash me out alone :/