Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NYX round lipsticks: Dark shades- Swatches and Review

As a part of the NYX haul from BeautyJoint I also picked up some darker shades to see if they suit me before I splurge on Chanel or YSL (I'm really eyeing the red and fuchsia from the rouge allure velvet collection.) The lippies are just $1.99 /Rs.200 so you won't go on a guilt trip from getting too many. I recently saw an editorial of Freida Pinto's where she was wearing a deep berry shade of lipstick and it looked soo cool. I've been wanting to try that shade ever since. And again after much research and Internet trolling I decided to order 3 shades from NYX: black cherry, expresso and brown sweet.

NYX Round Lipsticks-dark shades: l-r: black cherry, expresso and dark sweet

NYX round lipsticks- l-r: black cherry, expresso and dark sweet


So how do the colours stack up?
Black cherry: A deep blue based red. Cream finish. No frost or shimmer. Looks slightly goth. Not sure if I'll ever wear it in public. Maybe as a lip stain with gloss on top.

Expresso: Deep brownish berry colour. Cream finish. No frost or shimmer. This is a dark berry shade like Freida Pinto's but dunno why but it ages me. Looks aunty-ish, no offense to aunties. Gave this to my mom. She loves this. Win-win.

Brown sweet: The exact shade of dark chocolate. Has slight frost which only shows in flash photography. Again quite aunty-ish. Gave to my mom too.

Fire: Well this is actually my sister's but i tried it on and so I've included a lip swatch here. Dont have the lipstick with me so couldnt include swatch on my arm or the actual photo of the lipstick. Anyhow this is a brrright pink-ish red with coral undertones. Pretty shade. Quite young. My sister loves this, wears it at weddings.
NYX Black Cherry

NYX Black cherry
NYX Expresso

NYX Expresso
NYX Brown Sweet

NYX Brown Sweet

NYX Fire

Ok so how do these perform? Yay for:
  • Amazing pigmentation. One swipe is enough for full coverage. Dark shades are very saturated.
  • Huuuuge shade selection.
  • Very inexpensive. So you won't feel guilty about picking up more shades. :)
  • Very creamy. Glide on like butter.
  • Don't feel waxy. Very lightweight on lips.
  • Don't dry out your lips
  • Round lipsticks have this transparent bit at the bottom with the lipstick shade inside it which makes locating these easy.
  • Tube closes with a satisfying click so you can be sure that it won't come loose in your bag. But it might melt from the heat though. :/
  • Verry cheap (did I say that already?)

Boo for:
  • Not long lasting at all. Stays for 2 hours before fading
  • If swiped more than once, can look cakey
  • Darker shades tend to bleed and shift around and definitely need a lip liner.
  • These shades tend to settle in fine lines and so fading is uneven and becomes patchy after sometime.
  • Since the lipstick is so soft it can break at the base during application. In fact 2 of these have already gotten bent and rub against the side of the tube when twisting up and down, making it messy. Hate it!
  • The sites don't have reliable swatches. Colours are off.

My verdict: skip these. Dark shades of these round lipsticks don't really work and I won't recommend these unless you just want to explore and find out which shades suit you.
You can buy NYX lippies at They have the cheapest rates for NYX products and ship real fast too. Also available at and and closer home at, and but only limited shades.


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