Monday, November 7, 2011

NYX round lipsticks- neutral shades: swatches and review

I recently discovered the brand NYX.. It all started with the cream blush and then I saw how cheap everything else was and what a huge range and shade selection they had, and I was hooked. Their quality is quite decent for the price actually. I recently picked up some round lippies as the part of my BeautyJoint haul. I wanted some nude/neutral shades of lipsticks that I could wear daily.
So after much research and Internet trolling I narrowed it down to these four: Heather, B52, Frappuccino and Cocoa. Got these for $1.99 each from BeautyJoint which is around Rs.200. Not bad at all eh?

NYX Round lipsticks

NYX Round Lipsticks

NYX Round Lipsticks-Ingredients

Swatches- l-r: Heather, B52, Frappuccino, Cocoa

So how are the shades?

B52: a mauve pink shade that's nearly an mlbb shade for me. Cream finish, no frost or shimmer.

Heather: again a mauve pink shade which is more pink than b52 and is slightly lighter too. This has slight frost which only shows up in flash photography. Again nearly mlbb.

Frappuccino: a peachy nude shade. Very nice for smokey eyes. Has a slight peach tint so doesn't look like you're wearing concealer on your lips. Cream finish. Love this one. But I found that it oxidized on me a couple of times! Never knew lipsticks can oxidize.. Lips don't produce oil right? I dunno what exactly happened but this turned a shade darker after a couple of hours. Weird right?

Cocoa: A mauve brown shade. Very close to my lip colour, but brown. If not paired with right eye makeup and clothes, it looks as though my lips have turned dark from smoking or something. Tricky shade. Cream finish.








Ok so how do these perform?

Yay for:

  • Amazing pigmentation. One swipe is enough for full coverage. Even light shades will give full coverage.
  • Huuuuge shade selection.
  • Very inexpensive. So you won't feel guilty about picking up more shades. :)
  • Very creamy. Glides on like butter.
  • Don't feel waxy. Very lightweight on lips.
  • Doesn't dry out your lips
  • Round lipsticks have this transparent bit at the bottom with the lipstick shade inside it which makes locating these easy.
  • Tube closes with a satisfying click so you can be sure that it won't come loose in your bag. But it might melt from the heat though. :/
  • Verry cheap (did I say that already?)

Boo for:

  • Not long lasting at all. Stays for 2 hours before fading
  • If swiped more than once, can look cakey
  • Since the lipstick is so soft it can break at the base during application. In fact of these 4 three have already gotten bent and rub against the side of the tube when twisting up and down, making it messy. Hate it!
  • The sites don't have reliable swatches. Colours are off.

So overall these are ok if you wanna experiment with shades to see what suits you. But again for the price the quality is quite decent. I might de-tube these and melt them into little dabbas and use them like lip paint pots coz i cant stand to see the bullet rubbing against the side when twisting up and getting messy. But I would recommend these for sure.

My rating: ***


  1. lovely shades! i liked b52 n heather

  2. i m yet to pick any for myself.Thnx for the swatches. :)liked frappuccino a lot :)

  3. @Manya: yeah b52 and heather are the shades I wear the most. :)

    @jyoti: you must try these lipsticks! They are super creamy and so cheap!

    @bhumika: thanks. :)

  4. i liked heather :)
    u lips look like a doll :D