Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Latest Obsession: NYX , NYX lust list

This sitting at home business is getting a little boring. I keep buying all these yummy goods online but I don't have the opportunity to show them off and be admired by girls and chatted up by guys. Sigh! What I miss most about working is having to put on make up in the morning. Oh and also the free internet and A/C of course. Tee hee. I think I might go back to work once the baby hits 6th month. Don't think I'll be at home for a full year, like I initially intended.
Anyhoo, so what am I doing at home besides stuffing my face and looking at random blogs between baby-jobs? Right now I'm totally crushing on NYX cosmetics. They are perfect- great shade selection, very inexpensive and are of decent quality too. Whats not to love? If I did anymore research and looked at swatches and videos of these, I'd be arrested for stalking. I've put together some links of the sites with the best swatches and the videos with live swatches here.

This very cute site has all the swatches of the 144 shades of the round lipsticks and also some shades of lipglosses and lip liners and lip creams.

This awesome site has all swatches of NYX nail polishes.

Some live-swatch videos for reference:

NYX's best products IMHO are the round lipsticks, the round lip glosses, the slim lip pencils, matte finish lip creams and the nail paints. Erm.. I think I've covered most of the items anyway. Let's looks at the round lipsticks first- these are available in 144+24 new shades, if I'm not wrong and come in 3 major finishes: cream, frost and shimmer. I personally like only cream shades coz frost and glitter make me look beyond fugly. My favorite shades (from what I can tell from the swatches) are:
MLBB type shades: B52, Milan, Perfect, Cocoa, Heather
Nude shades: Frappuccino, Mars, Hermes, Taupe
Blue based reds: Snow white, Black cherry
Deep berry: Expresso, Decadent, Hestia, Very berry
Dark brown: Brown sweet, Walnut
Bright pink: Louisiana, Hot pink, Shiva
I also liked this shade called Mauve which is a deep mauve (surprise?) with brown and pink undertones but quite dark.

I can't seem to find a nice muted pink that'd suit me! Most seem frosty or too light or too dark. But that's ok coz I have many neutral pinks from other brands anyway and my lips are pigmented so mauve colours suit me better.

So I'm ordering my first NYX package from BeautyJoint.com, which seems to have the lowest rates for the products as well as shipping.

BeautyJoint- My cart

Some Indian sites that stock NYX are UrbanTouch.com and Cosmetix.in but they have very limited stuff and not the whole range and the stuff is priced at almost double of the international ones.
Other international sites are Cherryculture.com and Porkdaisy.com

Will upload pics of haul with swatches and reviews once I can get my paws on em.
Yay! Can't wait! But I'm gonna pretend to be cool coz the universe delays stuff if you appear over eager, didn't you know? :)

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