Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shopping at A Review. Oh and hello world!

Having a baby means many things to many people.. But to me it meant I couldn't go shopping when I wanted to. Err yeah I've become shamelessly shallow these days. So how did I cope with it? Turn to online shopping, of course! So yeah having a baby taught me the many joys of online shopping. Most parts of the day (when I'm not feeding or changing diapers) is spent window shopping online. Apart from this I really have nothing to do. So now that my brat has turned 2 months old I've decided that this is the place where I'll be creatively chronicling all that nothing and keeping track of my lust lists and my spoils.

Okay, to kick things off I'm going to be showing off what I bought at and also doing a quick review of the whole experience.

I've lusted after many things at Asos in the past but never really bought anything and this was my first purchase at the UK store. I only use my husband's credit card (coz they don't give out credit cards to architects, didn't you know) and wanted to get something cheap so he won't have a cow if it didn't turn up. Lucky for me, sale was on and I spotted this cute animal print dress (spotted-animal print, get it?heheh) that was only $35, which is within 2k. And shipping is free, no minimum purchase required! Woot woot

Vero Moda Leopard Print dress

Okaayy so how was my shopping experience at Asos? Super awesome! Their site is easy to navigate and I paid using a credit card (the husband's of course) and I immediately received a purchase confirmation email and the very next day another one saying it was shipped. You can easily track your order on the site too and I received the package in great condition in 2 weeks time.

Do I recommend this site? Hell yeah!
Would I be shopping here again? You betcha!

Overall rating: ****


  1. wooha..all of this is so tempting...i am heading to Asos after my vacation...right now need to save up :)

  2. Haha.. You must vaishnavi! They have grt stuff and a 70% off sale right now.. :)

  3. cool... i wanted to shop @asos...shd try soon :)