Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Currently Coveting: MAC Golden Gaze

Guys, I'm in lust with this Mineralize eyeshadow from the MAC semi-precious collection. It was love at first sight really. Today I got a text from the MAC store, Chennai saying the semi-precious collection is going to be launched this week and I looked up the swatches from this collection on Temptalia and a couple of other sites and they have such pretty mineralized eye shadows. But the one that truly stands out, which is the perfect shade of smokey-olivey-gold (is that a real colour?) is Golden Gaze. I was hooked the minute i laid eyes on it. Beeyoootiful. I want. I need. I crave. You can just wear this all over the lid and it'll give a nice smokey effect with depth. I know it looks plain in the pan but the swatches guys, the swatches. *swoon* The pics are from Temptalia.

Swatches-Dry and wet

This seems to have a smooth texture and awesome pigmentation. Looks great both when dry and wet. Last year I'd gotten the She Who Dares Mineralize EyeShadow Duo from the Venomous Villains collections and I loved it. This year's MAC buy shall be the GOLDEN GAZE. And I did what any cool-headed intelligent person would do- called up MAC and booked it.

Tring Tring
MAC MUA: Hi, this is MAC
Me: Hiineedtoknowifsemipreciouscollectionhasbeenlaunched *Pant* *pant* IwanttoorderforGoldenGaze
Me: Pant pant.. has it has it?
MAC MUA: I'm sorry you'll have to repeat that, I dont understand what you're saying
Me: Golden Gaze
MAC MUA: Are you talking about the semi-precious collection?
Me: *nods head frantically*
MAC MUA: Hello..
Me: yes yes the semi-precious collection
MAC MUA: Its being launched this Sunday, the box has just arrived and I need to open it and arrange it
Me: Ok can I pre-order the Golden Gaze MES?
MAC MUA: Sure, I'll hold a piece for you, just leave your name and ph no
Me: So you'll hold it right. You wont give it off if someone quotes a higher price right? I really really want this. You understand?
MAC MUA: Errrr.. yeah.. sure
Me: OK thanks so much, you're a sweetheart. bye
MAC MUA: errr.. yeah.. pleasure

See? Smooth! So very soon this shall me mine. All mine. Muhahahhahahahhaa.

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