Thursday, October 27, 2011

Faces magic liner in Blue: Review, EOTD

I lurve Blue eyeliners. I find that they really complement my medium brown eyes well. I've been on the lookout for the ideal blue liner- one that has a satin finish, is cobalt blue in colour, without any shimmer, just solid colour and of course ticks all the right boxes- non smudging, doesn't feather, doesn't irritate, long staying and (important for me) washable. But I haven't found it yet. :( The upside is that I have acquired many pretty blue liners in the process. The latest to feature in my collection is the Faces magic liner in "blue". It's a liquid liner that's a shimmery navy blue. Its a very pretty colour and looks great on brown eyes. I bought it from for Rs.245. The MRP is 300 though. This has 6ml of product.

Faces Magic Liner in Blue
The applicator


Faces Magic Liner in blue-EOTD

Faces Magic Liner in Blue-EOTD

Yay for:

  • Vibrant colour
  • Stiff applicator, easy to control and to draw extended cat eye liner
  • Minimal feathering, long lasting
  • Doesnt smudge once dry, even if you rub your eyes lightly
  • Nice glossy black packaging
  • Washes easily with water. For me this is a plus point because I dont like waterproof liners as they are difficult to remove. This I can wear on a daily basis and not have to bother with makeup remover and tugging and pulling. All I need to do is wash my face with soap and water and its gone.
  • Doesnt sting or burn
Boo for:
  • Slightly thin consistency which means after drawing the line I have to keep dabbing over and over to pack the colour on.
  • Takes a while to dry so if your eyelids are small or folded you need to keep them closed till it completely dries, else it'll transfer.
  • Bottle is opaque so you wont know how much of product is left
  • Cant use on waterline as this is not waterproof
Overall, this is a decent liner for the price and I really like the colour which is not in your face kinda bright blue. This has slight shimmer and not glitter particles which means I can easily wear this to office as well. Works well with bright or nude lips.

You can buy this online here or here. Also available in green, brown and plum shades.


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