Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bridal Makeup Look: Dance of the Peacock

Guys! This is my second entry to Pooja's fabulous Bridal Makeup Contest.
I call this look "The Dance of Peacock" and predictably this combines shimmery green and blue shades to create a bridal look.

So what do you think? Head over to IndianBeautyCentral for the look's breakdown and a photo tutorial. Do comment there if you like it. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Window Shopping : TrendzyStreet

Looking for cheap options for casual dresses? Want an Indian site that offers Cash on Delivery and has it own warehouse so you get faster shipping? Ok before I sound like a bad advertisement from the 90s let me share my latest eStore discovery..
Introducing -
" is an Indian online fashion and beauty retailer and offers product lines across womenswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery and beauty.
Aimed at fashion forward 16-34 year olds. We have multi brand & multi category lifestyle franchisee online. is our online cash and carry portal."
I got an email from this site and thats how i discovered it. This has some really cute cotton, casual dresses ranging from Rs.300-1500. This is a Mumbai based fashion retail site that has its own warehouse facility so you can probably expect your stuff to reach you within a week. I'm not sure about this coz I've not ordered from them and will update once I do.
They have dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, leggings and some cute kurtis and accessories too. They dont have a large inventory but seem to be adding new stuff almost every week. Below are my picks from the site. Click the text below each pic for the corresponding link to the site.

Multicoloured polka dot dress- Rs.480

Navy Blue Lace Dress- Rs.950

Floral Print Dress- Rs.1149
Pink and white polka dot shirt- Rs.390
Orange Strappy Kurti- Rs.350
Green Leopard Print Stole- Rs.399
Clutch purses and bags:
Feroza Clutch with paisely- Rs.300
Taupe Peep toes- Rs.1349
So, overall I feel this is a great site for college and high school students on a budget who still wanna look trendy. Stuff here is cute and comfortable and very casual. And inexpensive too!
I think I'll pick up the clutch and the kurti. :)
Will post a review once I do.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the site nor am I being compensated for this post. Heck...they dont even know I'm doing this post. This is purely coz I found the site nice and wanna share it with others. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bridal Makeup Look: The Sultry bride

This is my entry for Pooja's lovely Bridal Makeup contest.
I call this the "SULTRY BRIDE".

What do you guys think?
Head over to the post at IndianBeautyCentral to see the break down and photo tutorial for this. Dont forget to comment there to help me win! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Window Shopping : Indian Hanger

I logged on to FB after really long yesterday and an ad on the right side of the page caught my eye. Ad for a new Indian Retail site. Of course I had to check it out. And am I glad I did!
This site has a very nice collection of clothes (both ethnic sarees, suits and western dresses) by Global Desi, Vinegar (my fave) and designers like Nishka Lulla, Parul Goel and Vasundhara Mantri etc. They also have realllyy pretty jewellery which is also quite affordable. They also stock footwear and bags.
Here are some of my picks from the site, click on the text below the pictures for corresponding links to the site.

Vinegar chiffon dress - Rs.2800 

Vinegar Sunny Orange dress- Rs.4000
Karishma Kimatrai Sequin butterfly kaftan- Rs.9000

Clutch Purses:
Meera Mahadevia Blue Clutch- Rs.12000

Meera Mahadevia Emerald and Ruby Bag- Rs.16400

Sarika Desai Beige floral clutch- Rs.3200

KAN copper kolhapuris - Rs.2760

KAN embellished heels- Rs.3200

Rohita Golden Entangled Necklace- Rs.7300

Karmic Kabira Rainbow Choker- Rs.6272

Vinegar Pearl Flower chain- Rs.1500

Rohita Peacock earrings- Rs.8800

Rohita golden carved pearl earrings- Rs.5900

Vasundhara Mantri South sea earrings- Rs.6065

Agastya Black kundan ring: Rs.1800
Soo pretty no? I'm definitely picking up the Vinegar blue dress (they also have it in Orange)- remember I was talking about something like this recently? Yay! I wish I could buy some jewellery too but I'm too broke right now. Maybe I could get someone to gift me some for my upcoming birthday (Hi Mom)? ;) This site offers Cash on Delivery within India and free shipping. They also ship worldwide. I'll post my review and shopping experience once I buy from them.

I'm thinking I'll make these "Online Window Shopping" posts a regular feature. I keep discovering these great sites and find such pretty stuff. Only makes sense to document it here so I can keep track (buy them later) and also share it with others. What do you think?

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the site nor am I being compensated for this post. Heck...they dont even know I'm doing this post. This is purely coz I found the site nice and wanna share it with others. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Animal Instinct: Artistic Eye Makeup

Guys this is my entry for Cynthia's Artistic Eye Makeup Contest. The prize is the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette and I'm in lust with it.
I've recently been obsessed with Animal print as evident here and here so its a no brainer that i chose to do it for my eye makeup too! Ok so I call my look "ANIMAL INSTINCT" and here it is, followed by a rough tutorial. The best part about this look is that even though its dramatic, its not too OTT so you could easily wear it to a party without looking ridiculous coz you'll only see the full animal print when you close your eyes. :)

Finished look- Animal Instinct

Trial on my hand

Bare eyelid

Apply primer

Blend primer and dust loose powder over it to set it

Give a wash of shimmery copper e/s all over lid

Pat some gold e/s over lid and dark shimmery brown over crease

Draw leopard spots with a black eyeliner

Fill orange e/s into the leopard spots

Create a dramatic winged look with black liner

Blend everything , touch up, clean up-done!
Products Used:

  • Beauties Factory 88 colour eyeshadow palette
  • NYX HD Eyeshadow base
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Iced Mocha"
  • LA girl Pro Primer base in Black
  • Lakme eye quartets in "Peacock"
  • MAC Mineralize eye shadow in "Golden Gaze"
  • Chambor glitzy eyeliner in Black
Products Used

Colours from the 88 palette used in this look
So if I win I promise to work for world peace and the upliftment of women and I'll also spread AIDS awareness. No Nitya! Stop! This is not the Miss Universe Pageant. Oh Sorry.. got carried away. Ok so if I win I promise to do a lot more turorials and keep it fun. :) Please vote for me.

Oh but I'm so nervous after seeing some other entries! Soo talented these ppl are! Sigh~~~
*Fingers crossed*

And here it is- posted on Indian Vanity Case.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My second order from BeautyJoint is here! Eeeeeee! (+ party OOTD)

Guys! Remember my second order from BeautyJoint? It came in yesterday! Sooo thrilled! The first time I ordered from them I mainly bought round lipsticks but I wasn't too happy with them and this time I did a lot more research and bought stuff that I'm totally in love with.

I'd placed the order on 28 November and it was shipped out on 1 December and reached me yesterday, on 16 December. Considering this is the holiday season , this is super impressive. Last time I'd gotten it within 10 days.

BUT.. This time after I eagerly ripped open the package and stopped drooling and hyperventilating I found a couple of items were missing- the Kleancolor nail polish in black and NYX round lipstick in Lousiana which was on back credit on my last order and was included in this. I dunno if BeautyJoint forgot to put it in ( but their invoice includes these and says total no of items=20 but I got only 18) or if it was flicked at customs (can they even do that?). But this time I think my package was opened at customs coz it had cello tape around the top which wasn't there last time and the self glue on the envelope was messed with. Sooo..I dunno! But I'm not that upset coz these 2 items were the least important ones in my list and I can easily get black nail polish here too (just thought Kleancolor is such great quality at that price) and I already have many neon pinks in my stash so don't miss Lousiana lipstick too. And these together cost only $4 so around Rs.200. Not a big loss but scary nonetheless. What If a more expensive item had gone missing *gasp*.

The package- see the cellotape at top?

Ze Goodies
Ok so he's what all I got this time. Do let me know if you want me to review anything first.

Got 3 jumbo eye pencils in Yoghurt, Iced Mocha and Cottage Cheese.
Got 3 soft matte lip creams in Stockholm, San Paolo and Antwerp
Got 1 jumbo lip pencil in Soft Fuchsia
Got 2 slim lip pencils on Rose and Sand Pink
Got the Studio clear face primer
Got the highlight and contour powder compact
Got 2 Kleancolor nail paints in Chunky Holo Black and Holo Purple
Got 1 NYX nail polish in Dorothy
Got 1 round lipgloss in Real Nude
Got LA colors pro primer stick eyeshadow base in black
Got NYX colour lip balm in Xie Xie
Got the NYX dual sharpeners coz the jumbo pencils and slim pencils don't fit in the regular ones we get here

Of these my favorites so far are the highlight and contour powder (would suit all Indian skin tones. Absolute must have), soft matte lip creams in Stockholm (the perfect nude with a hint of peach so it doesn't wash you out) and Antwerp (a light coral pink) and also the NYX color lip balm which is a non waxy hydrating lip balm with nice pigmentation so it gives a soft colour too. Oh and the Kleancolor holographic glitter nail paints too! Soo mesmerizing! :)

I'd ordered these on Cyber Monday sale and got 15% off on my total order and their rates are much lower than Cherry Culture or Pork Daisy's plus fast shipping so I totally recommend BeautyJoint to everyone.

I'll leave you with a picture of what I wore to a party last night. Was my boss' wife's b'day and they throw killer parties. I wore a one shoulder powder pink ruffled linen dress with pink pumps that I got from DroppedPin and authentic Japanese fresh water colored pearls and an amethyst cocktail ring.


NYX primer and Revlon aqua finishing powder
But the real stars of the show were the NYX studio clear primer and the Revlon colorstay aqua mineral translucent setting powder. My makeup stayed fresh even after I came home after a good 4 hours despite all the sweaty dancing too (my face was sweating too and I remember dabbing at it with a tissue). Detailed reviews to soon follow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Current Obsession: Jewel Toned Shift Dresses

I love wearing dresses. Casual dresses, dressy dresses, little black dresses, colour blocked em all. But the problem is you dont get such a wide variety of dresses here in Chennai and the ones that are available are either super expensive or not available in my fit or the way I like it or are just plain fugly. So what do I do?
Umm no shopping online for clothes isnt that convenient coz fabrics turn out to be different from the photo or the sizing isnt quite what you expected. So, no. Well, I love designing my own dresses and shopping for fabrics and getting it stitched.
Right now I'm loving these chiffon or crepe shift dresses in jewel colours. You can pair them with gold jewellery and killer gold heels and it'll look amazeballs. The best part- these are pretty easy to make so any tailor who makes kurtis would easily be able to stitch these.

These can have multiple variations- sleeveless shift, sheer long sleeves, one cape sleeve, one sleeve swing dress. Below are some options for *inspiration*

Split sleeve dresses from ASOS

One shoulder cape sleeve dresses from Lipsy

River Island long sleeve dress

Vero Moda One sleeve version
I plan to make this in Emerald green in a one sleeve swing dress pattern- will get synthetic crepe fabric for this, which has a nice sheen and drape. Will get this fully lined with cotton fabric so it doesnt go limp. Will make another one in orange synthetic crepe with matching sheer synthetic chiffon long sleeves. The body will again be lined with matching cotton fabric so it doesnt cling to the body.

My main inspirations-missmalini's Vero Moda dress and Maheep Kapoor's Jay Godfrey dress

In Chennai you can pick up these fabrics at Mangharams on Mount Road or at Nalli in T Nagar. Both synthetic crepe and chiffon cost around Rs70-100 a metre. You'd need about 1.5-2m of fabric for this dress. My tailor charges around Rs.200-400 for stitching a fully lined dress so my dress would be ready for a total of around Rs.500. Pretty neat huh? :)