Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 2 in Bangkok + Haul pics

So day 2 has been almost entirely clothes. Went to Platinum mall which is at walking distance from my hotel. Perhaps 1 km. so the husband offered to watch the cub in the room while I went shopping. And shopping I went! Platinum mall is soooo cool! I only covered the ground and first floors today which are filled with women's clothing and all at such reasonable rates! I ran out of money and had to run to the nearest Western Union to exchange some more and then jumped in again!

Ok so I'm gonna post pics of the stuff I bought here. Got some dresses and tops. Best part? I didn't have to lug the bags around on my arm. Bought this super cute shopping bag trolley that they were selling on the second floor and kept dumping all my shopping into it. Also dragged it back on the road when I walked back to the hotel. And I'm also planning to just put stuff in it and check in this bag on the flight back home. Yay! Don't you just love such ingenious multi purpose things? And so cheap too! The bag cost me 500Baht. And the tops are all on an average about 200Baht each (320INR) and the dresses were about 300Baht (500INR)

That's it for day2. Day 3 will be shoes and bags hopefully. :)

Ok my bad. I meant to post these in Bangkok itself, in real time but the stupid hotel I stayed at didn't have wi-fi in the rooms and only at common areas and I just got too caught up with shopping n the baby n everything to get around to posting it. Sowwwieee.

Click here for day1 in Bangkok.

Day 1 in Bangkok + Haul

Okieee everyone I'm here in Bangkok now and the flight here was uncomfortable at best. The baby, though wasn't howling wasn't sleeping either and was generally not vey comfortable. So we got in at about 4am local time and checked into our hotel which is really close to Platinum mall and Pratunam market. Coincidence? Hah. Yeah, right!

Okie then the first day was spent entirely at MBK mall. Had yummy Tom yum soup and pad Thai noodles. I cannot express enough my love for these. Yummmmmy. So after that was wandering around the mall while the husband walked the cub around in his stroller who also slept for about a couple of hours.

So I excitedly ran from one shop to the next. I was running against time. Had to buy so much. In such little time. (can you hear the mission impossible theme music too in your head?) Anyhoo, I mainly bought a lot of skin care stuff and some makeup. Loovved Beauty Buffet. There's about 3 outlets in MBK alone so you can't miss it. There was a sale going on too so I just went a little crazy.
Also bought stuff at Oriental princess and Watsons and some lingerie and a Majolica Majorca pore primer at Tokyu departmental store.

Sad part? I was soo busy shopping that I didn't take any pics inside the mall. Damn! So I'm just posting the pics of my haul here.

Excuse the lighting in the pics. These were taken at the hotel room where the lighting is just soo sucky!

That was today! No clothes or bags. No time! Boo hoo! But tomorrow's a new day and I'm raiding Platinum mall tomo. Yay!

Ok my bad. I meant to post these in Bangkok itself, in real time but the stupid hotel I stayed at didn't have wi-fi in the rooms and only at common areas and I just got too caught up with shopping n the baby n everything to get around to posting it. Sowwwieee.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where to shop in Bangkok: a thesis

So I'm leaving to Bangkok tomorrow and the most exciting part about any trip is the research that goes into it prior to travelling. This is my second trip to Bangkok so I won't be doing much sight seeing. It's purely a relaxation cum shopping trip (very oxymoron-ic I know) but only massages and laying by the pool side and shopping are on my agenda.

And like any self respecting shopaholic blogger worth her salt I did FULL research about where to go and what to buy. When I say research I mean watch YouTube videos of Bangkok hauls, shopping in Bangkok and read blogs, recommendations, check online sites, prices, the whole hog. And I present here my findings, nay, my thesis on the subject. Behold:

Where to go?

You'd be a fool to visit Bangkok and not go to MBK. it's THE mother of all malls, ok? It's a mall unlike any other. If you only have a day in Bangkok, go to MBK. An hour? MBK. A week? MBK. DUH~~~ Ok ok we get it. But what does this MBK have? Why is it so special? ok kids, gather around n listen closely. MBK sells everything from clothes, shoes, bags, makeup, accessories, electronics to furniture, handicrafts and everything in between. The best part? Prices are cheaap. And you can bargain in most places. The whole mall has this small stores that either have offers such as "pick anything for 199Baht" or are open to bargaining. They even have small kiosks for fake perfumes, watches and makeup. Check out the NARS and MAC stuff. Haha! But i do recommend the makeup brushes here.

Ok so here's a list of places that you must check out in MBK in addition to the multiple shops selling shoes, bags and clothes.
Watsons: This is a local drugstore chain that stocks all the regular makeup brands like Revlon, Maybelline and L'oreal and also has Asian stuff like Majolica Majorca, Lioele, Canmake and in2it. Do check out their mascaras, compact powders and bb creams. Oh and the oh so cute packaging will win your heart over. *_*

Boots: this is again a drugstore chain that stocks Soap and Glory stuff. I wanna snag the cheek mate from this line which is a gel kinda blush tint much like my beloved Lakme just kissed tint which has sadly been discontinued. Soap and Glory also has awesome body butters, body washes and lotions all in very cool retro packaging.

Beauty Buffet: This is a Thai cosmetics brand that has some really cool stuff for very reasonable prices. Looking to pick up their dupes for benefit's benetint and high beam. Also looking at some nail polishes, nice powder blushes and body lotions.

Tokyu departmental store: This is the major anchor store at MBK and has everything! Must check out their lingerie section for some cute and affordable stuff and they even have a Naraya outlet within. What's Naraya? Only the cutest, most girly, pweetttyyy Asian bag store that is also easy on the pocket. The biggest Naraya outlet is in Level 1 of Siam Discovery Centre. Also located at ground floor of Central World Plaza. Make sure you check these out.

MBK also has electronics and CD stores to keep the men busy while you excitedly run around.

Next stop Platinum Mall.
This is also pretty much like MBK but has mainly women's clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories all at wholesale rates. Must visit. Remember to bargain. :) Also check out makeup brushes and hair extensions here. Supposedly good.

Right opposite Platinum mall is an area called Pratunam which has the Pratunam market that is a wholesale garment market. Last time I picked up really cute dresses and some sleek casual blazers here. Very cheap. Need I say more?

Alrighty so you want to cute up your gadgets and also pull the husband/boyfriend out of his coma? Head to Pantip plaza thats right next to Platinum mall. This is 6 floors of only gadgets and electronics. Thai equivalent of the famous Sim Lim square at Singapore, if you may. Look out for cute USB drives shaped like a cupcake/ car/ shoe/ hippo/ hello kitty. Also check out cute covers for your iPads and phones. Quite a place for the geek in you.

In addition to these there's a new mall on the scene called Terminal 21 that's a theme mall with each floor modelled after a city. There's a tokyo floor and a Stockholm floor etc. shopping-wise not too exciting but worth a look.

No mention of Bangkok shopping can be complete without the night markets, most famous being patpong (the naughty place) and the Suan Lum night markets. Again you can pick up cheap clothes or designer bags knock offs or some crazy souvenir here.

Chatuchak weekend market is one of the biggest markets in Asia and has everything! Like a flea market on speed. I'm skipping this on my trip this time coz I don't think the cub would be able to handle the heat and crowd of this place. I'm sticking to my malls, thank you.

Alrighty then that was that and I'm off tomorrow. Pretty excited but also kinda nervous coz I dunno how the cub will handle it. 4.5 hrs will be the longest flight ever with him. Dreading the tantrums. Would I be a bad mommy to drug him? errr... Kidding! Anyhoo, I've just packed everything today and my bag is still 70% empty. Will anyway pick up those huge shopping wheelie bags to dump my shopping in, instead of lugging it around.

But tomorrow's gonna be a killer day! Got so much of work to get out of the way too! Has anyone noticed how you always get extra work and new projects just when you're about to go on a vacation? Ugh. I'm only gone from office for 2 days but it's exactly when one project is due for handing over and another one has to start! Law of sucker punch stress before vacation. Or something like that. Bloody killjoy.

So toodles everyone. Will try n do a daily update with pics from there. (free wifi in the hotel, hah). Hope the damn rains stay away and the cub behaves well. Touchwood. Bye!