Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stuff I Love: Green Tobasco sauce + 2 yummy recipes

This Tabasco green sauce is da bomb. Not like spicy bomb but taste bomb. hehe. The red one is too fiery and tastes very sharp but this one is just PERFECTO. Is milder and has more flavour coz you can savour it without water dripping down your eyes and nose. I fnished off a bottle in 2 months! I like to add this to everything- from soups to dal to noodles. Love it love it. Cant recommend this enough. :)

Tabasco-Green pepper sauce

Ok so I'm gonna share 2 of my favourite things to make with this sauce.
First up is my absolute favourite cocktail of all time- the BLOODY MARY! Its the perfect cocktail, not sweet, vodka-based (vodka has the least calories amongst all forms of alcohol) and has fresh tomato juice so its actually healthy and diet-friendly. Plus its spicy enough to negate the awful taste of vodka so you can happily sip it and not gulp it down. Win-win.

Bloody Mary
Ok so this is how i make it at home when I have friends over:

You'll need:

  • Tomato puree (from your regular dept store-comes in small tetra packs)
  • Green Tabasco sauce (again avilable at dept stores, in chennai you can buy i at Amma Naana for Rs.300, if I remember right)
  • Water
  • Vodka-unflavoured (dont use those Absolut flavoured ones)
  • Salt, pepper
  • Lemon
  • Any veggies you wanna add- like celery or carrot or coriander
  • Ice
  • Glasses to serve
So get the tomato puree and pour it into a mixing bowl. Water it down and bring to right cocktail-consistency. Add salt and pepper and squeeze some lime juice into it. Add about 10 drops of the green tabasco sauce and stir well.
Pour into glasses with a couple of ice cubes and some vodka and garnish with celery/coriander/carrots. You can just cut vertical strips of carrots and use them as stirrers and later munch on them when they've soaked in the bloody mary. You can decide how spicy or hard you want it and add the tabasco and vodka accordingly.
Can also be made without the alcohol as Virgin Mary (which is what I've been having ever since i got preggo. In fact during my pregnancy I was asked to drink fresh tomato juice and I'd just add salt and some tabasco sauce to it to spice it up. Yummy+Healthy)

Nachos+Rajma tabasco dip
The next thing that I love to make with the tabasco sauce is a Rajma dip that can be had with Nachos or even lays chips or even with rotis as an accompaniment. Very easy to make and tastes yummy (gosh..i sound like a bad commercial). I make this again when I have friends over to serve with tea/drinks.
The Rajma-tabasco dip

You need:
  • Rajma (kidney beans- available at locer grocer's/ dept store)- about 250gms
  • Green Tabasco sauce
  • Salt, pepper
  • Lemon
  • Water
  • Tomato puree
Ok so you need to soak the rajma overnight in water so this needs to be planned. The next day pressure cook the rajma- let it overcook, about 6 whistles i suppose so it gets all soft and mushy. Take it out, add some tomato puree, squeeze some lime juice on it and add salt and pepper to taste. Now add the secret ingredient (ok not so secret) the green tabasco sauce and mash and mix well. Ta-da. Dip is ready. Serve with Nachos/Lays chips/french fries or even rotis. Yummy in my tummy indeed. :)

Isnt your mouth watering by now? I know mine is. *Goes off to have Virgin Mary and chips* :)

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