Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aztec sandals from ShopatMajorBrands

A girl can never have too many shoes right? Err... and bags, and makeup. Ok? Ok. You know what they say about shoes being the perfect "lift-me-up" for any girl coz no matter how fat or thin she is, her shoe size doesnt change. And its precisely for this reason that you can shop for shoes online without any hesitation whether or not it'll fit you. Yayie!
Sooo, I can never resist a good sale. Buying things on sale = saving money right? Yup. So has a mega footwear sale going on and I had my eye on this pair from QueueUp for a while and when this went on sale I clicked buy immediately! Marked down from Rs.2499 to Rs.700 you guys!!

I had ordered it on Sunday night and received it on Wednesday afternoon. But the sad thing is their free shipping offer is now over and they charge Rs.50 for shipping. Bummer! But since i saved so much on the shoes I didnt mind. I opted for COD, which is most convinient for me, coz I dont have a credit card and I dont wanna keep asking the husband for his.

Anyhoo, isnt the shoe a beauty? Yeah I know. Such a steal at 750! And its quite comfortable to wear too coz it wraps around the ankle snugly and provides adequate support. But I was hoping it was more orange. It turned out a copper-brown colour but this looks pretty too. I see myself wearing this with western dresses (LBDs?) and Indian outfits alike. :)
You can buy this here. Green colour also available.
Theres also a QueueUp store at Express Avenue in Chennai.

I'm eyeing this sexy thing from ALDO next. Its been marked down from Rs.5200 to Rs.4600 but its still expensive no? So Delish though. Sigh~~~


  1. I like your taste in shoes :P. Following you now.

  2. You have very good taste in Fashion and Style. Great Blog thePurplespirit ;-)

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