Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NYX studio liquid liner in extreme plum purple: swatches and review

Ok gonna keep this review simple coz the product deserves just that. This is a no frills decent performing liquid liner. This is from NYX's range of studio liners and is in the shade extreme plum purple. This range has metallic shades that have a sheen to them even after drying.

This shade is a dark metallic purple and shows up beautifully on the eyes. I bought this from for Rs.351. The tube is quite small though and has 5.5mL of the product.

This comes in a regular tube with a wand applicator with an extremely thin brush tip.

NYX Studio liquid liner in Extreme Plum Purple

Brush tip applicator

Swatches-immediately after application

Swatches-after drying

Yay for:
  • Good pigmentation
  • Great colour that retains sheen even on drying
  • Feels comfortable after applying. In fact feels like you've applied nothing. No stretchy dryness.
  • Comes off easily with plain water. In fact what I like about the removal part is that this sort of peels/flakes off when it rub over it with water and doesn't really smudge and stain the area around the eyes like some other liners do. No mess, no dark circles.
  • Stays long without fading or feathering as long as you don't rub your eyes
  • Inexpensive
  • Cruelty free. Not tested on animals.
  • Applicator tip is very very thin so you can easily draw thin lines or thick ones.

Boo for:
  • Takes about 3-5mins to fully dry during which you'll have to keep your eyes shut especially if you have droopy or folded eyelids else it may transfer over the eyelid area.
  • The consistency is slightly runny so you may have to dab over the line to make the colour shine.
  • Can't use on waterline.

I like this liner. It's easy to apply and remove and feels comfortable. Would probably explore other shades too from this range

You can buy this here or here.

Rating: ***1/2


  1. your EOTD is amazing, n yess shade is beautiful, but it streaks na?

  2. Yes it's a pretty shade but a lil watery.. You need to dab over the line multiple times to avoid streaking.

  3. i love purple liners........... nice shade

  4. Yeah ani purple liners suit Indian eyes well I guess. :)

  5. the color is seriously gorgeous!

  6. Ya Parita! It is a pretty colour and suits brown/black eyes well.:)

  7. Gorrrgeous color, even though its streaky im getting this, never seen such a vivid purple in any liner!

  8. the color is beautiful and looks good on you :D

  9. Hey the color is b'ful and ur eyes are so pretty...lovely blog
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