Monday, November 28, 2011

Zoya polishes: adina and angella- review and NOTD

Zoya polishes really need no introduction. They're quite simply fabulous ok. I spotted these at and immediately ordered a couple. I got 2 shades- Adina and Angella. Both are duo chromes and very very pretty. These retail for Rs.405 each for 15mL.

Zoya Adina

Zoya Angella

Adina: this is a brilliant purple and green duo chrome. Very pretty and surprisingly easy to photograph. Goes opaque in 3 coats

Angella: This is a pearly white shade which flashes hot pink. Again very pretty. Can also be used in a French manicure or by itself. Pretty sheer.

Adina - 2 coats

Adina - 2 coats

Angella- one coat

Angella- 2 coats

Angella - 3 coats

I don't think I really need to review these polishes since they're from Zoya but anyway here's my 2 cents

Yay for:
  • Very good formula, doesn't streak or get blotchy
  • Quick drying
  • Stays on my nails for a good one week without chipping. With top coat may last even longer.
  • Brush is of a very good quality and is quite dense so you don't have to dip twice for a single nail.
  • Very unusual and pretty shades
  • Bottle is very sturdy. I dropped it once but nothing happened. :)

Boo for:
  • Slightly expensive
  • These shades don't get hard that fast and if you happen to accidentally press your nails against fabric or any other surface you get that indentation on your nails. Annoying!
  • Not easily available in India.

I would highly recommend this brand and especially these 2 shades. They're mesmerizing. I can stare at my nails all day long! I recommend the duo chromes from this brand, they have quite a wide selection.
You can buy this here.

My rating:***1/2

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