Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dress Destiny: How the Westside dress waited for me

Guys! Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? That "there is no such thing as co-incidence, it's all Providence" as uttered by Morpheus in The Matrix?
 Well, I had my moment of revelation recently. I've become a believer too. Yes dear comrades. The clouds parted and the sun shone down illuminating the "truth". So here's the story of how it all happened. How a dress waited for me. For me.

Leopard print dress from Westside

Elasticized waistband with ruffles on top, button opening

The dress

The first time I laid eyes on it was when my sister was trying out some stuff at Westside and she pointed out this dress to me. Then I just dismissed it coz I had just bought another animal print dress from Asos. We came back home and that night I dreamt about this dress. Seriously, you guys! I dreamt I was wearing sashaying in this dress. And I spent the subsequent week obsessing over it. I couldn't go get it on a weekday coz I'm home alone with the baby and I can't leave him alone at home (obviously) and can't take him coz it's just too much hassle. So I waited patiently..ok maybe not so patiently. The next weekend we went to Westside and I ran to the rack where I had seen this dress hang. BUT...*queue dramatic music* they only had sizes XL and XS left!!!! Nooooooo! This couldn't be happening to me! I felt the atmosphere darken and a gloom surround me. So I did what any heart broken person does-shop for some make up at the Inglot store to cheer myself up. Yup it worked! :)
But, the story's not over yet folks. A couple of weeks later we again went to the mall and I just popped into Westside not really expecting to see this dress but there it was. Still. Waiting. But it was the XS one. It looked small, I normally wear a size M (post pregnancy anyway) but I decided to try it on just to see how it looked, even if I couldn't button it. And ta-da!!! It fit like a glove! I'm not sure if the sizing was off or the label was wrong but I was soo ecstatic! I skipped to the billing counter and bought it immediately. And that dear friends is the story of how I was united with this dress.

Me wearing it

I like this dress coz it's the perfect length-hits the knee and is in an animal print without being over bearing coz it's in shades of grey and has ruffles on top which makes it girly. It also has an elasticized waist which manages to hide my post-partum lower stomach flab coz the skirt portion isn't fitted. Best part-the top is button down so it's easy to nurse the baby. Yay! And only cost me Rs.1700. Double yay!

I wore it for shopping once and then again when I went to a pub this weekend. It's so easy to dress it up or down. Had gone with the husband and some friends to 10 downing (the pub, of course) and I wore this with black cage heels, grey smokey eyes, a nude lip and a high pony tail. And you can dress this down with softer make up and a pair of flats. Easy peasy. 

You can buy this dress from Westside for Rs.1700. (if you manage to find it! Bwhahahahahaha)