Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bourjois Lip Creams: Brun Raffine and Prune Sophisticate- Swatches and Review

Continuing with my search for the perfect lip cream, I chanced upon these at the Bourjois counter at my recent trip to the mall. I'd also read some decent reviews for these on other blogs and after swatching all the shades I picked up Prune Sophisticate and Brun Raffine. My shopping style post-baby has completely changed. I used to amble along stopping to look at stuff through store windows and imagining them on me, and if I think it flatters me I'd go in and try it on, twirl around.. oh you know the drill.. But now, it's- go in, find something I like- pick it up in at least 2 colours, no time for trials so check for store's return policy, rush to billing counter, pay and leave. Why? Because the baby sleeps only for 2-2.5 hours at a stretch and I need to be back home by then. And no, I can't take the baby with me. Too much hassle.
Anyhow, so where were we? Oh yeah the Bourjois lip creams. So I was doing my hurry-shopping when I saw these. Swatched them and picked 2 shades and paid and left. But only when I came home I saw that the pieces I got were very old! The mkfg date was more than a year old! Ugh! I wanted to kick myself for not noticing at the store. And the tube looked old too. How could I have not noticed this?? Stupid me! And these feel like they've dried out a little. Esp Brun Raffine coz it's nearly 2 years old!!!! Aaaargh! Don't you just hate it when you feel you've been ripped off? Worst. Feeling. Ever.
These cost me 600 and contain 6mL in each. Below are the pics followed by a review. Pics are clickable.

Bourjois Lip creams in Prune Sophisticate and Brun Raffine

The doe foot applicators

Swatches: Prune Sophisticate and Brun Raffine

Prune Sophisticate: Its a rust red shade with pink undertones. Neither too bright, nor too subtle. Suitable for day wear as well as night time.

Brun Raffine: When I saw this on the website I thought it was a dark brown shade but I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched this. It's an MLBB kinda brown shade. Sorta like caramely brown, not nude brown. Looks very nice, not like my lips have gotten dark from smoking or something. Muted and sophisticated. Suitable with formal wear and for no-make up looks.

Bourjois Prune Sophisticate
Bourjois Brun Raffine

Alrighty then, how do these perform?

Yay for:
  • Decent pigmentation. Goes on little sheer at first but can be layered for full coverage
  • A total of 6 shades are available, most of which look nice.
  • Sleek packaging, comes with a regular doe foot applicator
  • This has the consistency of a whipped mousse when you first apply it. Goes on smooth. Feels very light on the lips.
  • When it fades it leaves a stain-like effect behind and fades evenly.
  • Can be blotted immediately after application with a tissue to create a stain effect

Nay for:
  • This is supposed to be matte and I expected this to dry out in 10 mins and turn matte but it takes much longer to dry. More like an hour min. And if layer this over a lip balm for protection then it takes even longer. This isn't like a matte lip cream at all. Just liquid-y mousse-y lip stick.
  • Once it dries, it emphasizes the dryness on your lips and gets a little patchy, especially lighter shades. Or perhaps i experienced this with Brun Raffine since it was old!
  • Doesn't feel like there's much product in the tube when you dip the wand in. Maybe its all sticking to the sides and the opaque plastic won't allow you to see it either. No "glooshp" sound when you dip the wand in, unlike other lip creams from FACES and NYX. You won't be able to get all the product out, especially once it starts drying. Grrrrr.
  • Slightly expensive at 600 for 6 mL
  • Has the typical Bourjois lip gloss smell that's very synthetic smelling. Like sweet plastic smell? Little annoying. But fades in about 5 minutes.

Overall, I think this is an ok product, nothing great. This fares better than FACES lip creams but still nothing special. This will stay on your lips till you eat. Darker shades fare better coz they can be used as stains. I strongly suggest you look at NYX lip creams instead.

My rating: **


  1. woww the sophesticate shade is soo nice! suits you a lot!

  2. Yeah manya it's a nice shade but the formula didn't quite work for me so I gave it to my sis. :)

  3. Prune one look pretty on you!

    Yeah I hate this old mfg date trap too! sometimes the SA will force/trick u to take older products!!

    I once asked an SA from bourjois(GIP,noida) to show me a fresher eyeliner I was buying - she flatly refused and turned kinda rude- not even a smile! I will never purchase from her counter again!

    Being a beauty addict - all my makeup purchase should have max shelf life(freshest possible!) or else they expire without much usage!

    I can totally understand ur feelings...

    lovely lil blog u have....Following u now... :)

    do check out my blog-

  4. Yes the bane of older makeup products, I absolutely refuse to buy a product if its more than 6-8 months from manufacturing date (many Imported pieces carry only date of import & not manufacturing). I think a small trick would help, Take a cup of warm water and dip your lip glosses & lip creams in in for a minute or so, the product would soften up and be easier to use