Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anniversary Gift: thePURPLEberry

I had my fourth wedding anniversary a few days ago. Is there a word for it? You know some-jubilee? So anyway since there's an extra person in our family now we decided to stay in. Also, that day the baby had to get his second round of shots and he's been known to be a cranky monkey the day he gets em. So we took him for his shots- two injections, one on each thigh. Poor baby! He took em like a brave soldier. Ok he did howl but went to sleep soon afterwards. Alright maybe not a soldier, but brave nonetheless. :)

poor baby
This has been the first wine-less anniversary. But being the responsible and mature person I am, I settled for an evening at home with friends. Oh and a nice gift of course. All men should know the importance of romance and also that gifts are an important part of romance. I'd been dropping hints about a phone to the husband and sure enough he surprised me with a limited edition purple BB curve. Well, I've been wanting to change my phone but since the samsung captivate glide hasn't been launched yet, this'll do. In fact I've now been using it for about a week now and this is definitely more than a stop-gap. I'm loving the battery and the features. It's a simple but effective phone. Plus it's purple you guys! The husband really earned brownie points with this one. This purple one has been out of stock everywhere. I think he managed to snag one last piece at Electro.com. Purple coz I'm thePURPLEspirit! Yay! Looks snazzy no? And I also installed this very cool fashionista theme. Loving the phone now. My very own PURPLEberry. :)

BB Curve 8520 Purple
My Purple BB with Fashionista theme

Ok I know this phone has been around since the inception of time but here is my take on it.. Yay for:
  • The colour purple, of course
  • BBM
  • It's a blackberry so push mail etc etc
  • Twitter app and FB apps are quite cool
  • Battery lasts me about 36 hours with data on all the time(2g) with twitter updating every 3 mins and push mail of course
  • Good choice of themes available on app world.
  • Have installed 2 free apps: battery saver and advanced ram optimizer that prolong battery life and speed up the phone.
  • Display is very nice.
  • The memo and reminder apps are very handy
  • Other apps I've installed: whatsapp, advanced calls LED colour customization, gtalk, yahoo chat. Also wanna install a blogging app.
Boo for:
  • Camera only 2mp, no flash
  • Browser sucks
My rating:****

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