Friday, December 2, 2011

HealthKart Haul

Recently HeathKart had a weekend offer going where they gave a discount of Rs.300 on purchases of 1000 and above! And me being me, couldn't just ignore it and carry on. Gah! So I went ahead and started looking around, and finally loaded up my cart with these:
Revlon lipgloss in shade "Aubergine". Why? Coz I love the applicator. Umm..yeah and the colour too. I already have Fire from this range and I love how the applicator is sponge tipped but flexible..mmmmm. Had to get another one that I could use more often. So picked this up
Faces mini nail paints in "Pink Flamenco" and "Purple Rain" coz I love a hot pink and a purple (I'm the PURPLE spirit afterall)
Lakme moonshine topcoat eyeliner. Coz it looked so pwetty and it's versatile too, right? Can be used over eyeshadows to wear them as liners or over matte liners to add shimmer.
Neutrogena lip moisturizer. Because this is fragrance and taste free and is a nice non waxy, non shiny lip balm that can be worn underneath matte lipsticks without altering the texture.
Basicare retractable blush brush. Just because I can't resist retractable brushes and I needed a blush brush to use my cream blushes with. Plus this is small enough to fit in my bag too.

The Haul

So yep, that's all. My total was 1184 but I only had to pay 884. Cool huh?
But what sucked was that their delivery was incredibly slow (compared to other Indian retail sites). I had ordered this stuff on 20th and it reached me only on the 29th! They probably had a ton of orders when they announced this weekend discount but they took a week to deliver even the last time I ordered from them.
What If I order something coz I wanna wear it to a wedding or a party over the weekend (which is mostly the case) and it doesn't reach me in time? Sigh! Fail!

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