Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chambor Dazzle liners in Black and Teal: Swatches and Review

My decently performing Maybelline colossal kajal just got over and I was bored of it so was on the lookout for a better replacement, something blacker and less smudging (even though maybelline never smudged all that much on me). I'd read some good reviews for this Chambor dazzle retractable liners so I decided to go ahead and buy it. It's available in some 8 shades I guess with the usual suspects of black, brown, blue, teal, green, grey, sliver and gold. I got the black and the teal. Oh the grey also looked very pretty but I decided to get 2 first to test the quality.
Oh btw what do I look for in a kajal? Must be BLACK and retractable. I don't like to mess around with sharpeners. Oh plus it should also be fairly smudge resistant and non irritating. And loyal and loving and sensitive.. Oh sorry we were talking about kajal no? So, yeah I've used lakme, lotus and maybelline and all were pretty decent.

Chambor Dazzle eyeliners

Black and Teal

Black and Teal

One swipe each-Black and Teal

Chambor Dazzle Teal EOTD
This dazzle liner from Chambor is packaged prettily in a plastic tube the same colour as the liner with some floral designs over it. Now this thing is only one way retractable. Which means it's not really retractable. Once you twist it up it stays up, doesn't go back in. I think this is rather cunning because this has only .28g of product! Yeah! Measly .28g!! For Rs.480. So obviously Chambor people don't want you to feel ripped off. Coz when you twist the entire pencil up you'll see how little there really is and would get angry. That's why it's only one way twisting. Hmpf! Cheaters! This way you don't know when its about to get over and one day you'd be getting ready for the most important party/ date and you've applied kajal on one eye and bam- it's over! Nothing left for the other eye! Tragic no? Ok, maybe a little farfetched but tragic nonetheless. For comparison- the maybelline colossal kajal has 1g of product and it lasted me about 6 months with me wearing it daily on my waterline, sometimes reapplied during the day. I think this chambor one would last me only about 2 months at the same rate. Such a waste no?
Anyway the colours are really pretty though.
Black is a true deep black with a finish
Teal is a gorgeous colour too and looks lovely on my brown eyes.

Comparison- Maybelline colossal kajal and Chambor Dazzle, one swipe each

After rubbing hard- maybelline colossal kajal and Chambor Dazzle

Yay for:

  • Intense pigmentation
  • Twist up type so no need for sharpening
  • Smudge proof
  • Water proof
  • Stays put through the day. Long lasting.
  • Very soft in texture so glides easily over the eyelids. No tugging or pulling. After applying it sets in a few seconds.

Boo for:

  • NOT waterline safe. At least for me! I tried both on my waterline and immediately my eyes started watering and the next day they had turned red and puffy. Ugh! So it's not a kajal/kohl. It's just a colored eye pencil that can be used over the lids. If your eyes are not sensitive perhaps it may work for you.
  • Not retractable. Once you twist it up, you can't twist it back in.
  • Difficult to remove, especially from waterline. You need an oil based remover for this and I'm not comfortable using that in my eyes coz then again my eyes get puffy and red.
  • Too little product for the price you pay.
  • Expensive

Overall, I'm very disappointed with this and never buying this again. The kajal is a staple in my makeup routine and this stupid thing can't be used on my waterline- the very purpose for which it was bought. Shame really coz it's otherwise pretty good- glides easily, nice pigmentation and smudge resistant. So I recommend that you look at the colored versions coz those can't be used on the waterline anyway. But still too expensive for the amount of product you get. Look at colorbar or faces instead. Sigh. Welcome back maybelline colossal kajal.

You can buy these online at B.Lab.

My rating: **


  1. Teal looks really pretty on your eye :)

  2. Thanks Aarthi, Anshita and Namita! The colours and quality is gorgeous but I can't get over how little product there is for the price!!

  3. Purple Girl hee hee, new to your blog & I'm just reading your previous posts, amazing work keep it up, following you :)

  4. Uzma thanks for following. Welcome to my lil world. :)

  5. The teal looks so pretty!! sad about the lasting power, stinging and the quantity n all though :(

  6. so sad but good review, did you find anything better since? I really love your writing style, you kept me entertained and informed throughout your review. i am following you :)

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