Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Window Shopping : TrendzyStreet

Looking for cheap options for casual dresses? Want an Indian site that offers Cash on Delivery and has it own warehouse so you get faster shipping? Ok before I sound like a bad advertisement from the 90s let me share my latest eStore discovery..
Introducing - Trendzystreet.com
"TrendzyStreet.com is an Indian online fashion and beauty retailer and offers product lines across womenswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery and beauty.
Aimed at fashion forward 16-34 year olds. We have multi brand & multi category lifestyle franchisee online. www.trendzystreet.com is our online cash and carry portal."
I got an email from this site and thats how i discovered it. This has some really cute cotton, casual dresses ranging from Rs.300-1500. This is a Mumbai based fashion retail site that has its own warehouse facility so you can probably expect your stuff to reach you within a week. I'm not sure about this coz I've not ordered from them and will update once I do.
They have dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, leggings and some cute kurtis and accessories too. They dont have a large inventory but seem to be adding new stuff almost every week. Below are my picks from the site. Click the text below each pic for the corresponding link to the site.

Multicoloured polka dot dress- Rs.480

Navy Blue Lace Dress- Rs.950

Floral Print Dress- Rs.1149
Pink and white polka dot shirt- Rs.390
Orange Strappy Kurti- Rs.350
Green Leopard Print Stole- Rs.399
Clutch purses and bags:
Feroza Clutch with paisely- Rs.300
Taupe Peep toes- Rs.1349
So, overall I feel this is a great site for college and high school students on a budget who still wanna look trendy. Stuff here is cute and comfortable and very casual. And inexpensive too!
I think I'll pick up the clutch and the kurti. :)
Will post a review once I do.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the site nor am I being compensated for this post. Heck...they dont even know I'm doing this post. This is purely coz I found the site nice and wanna share it with others. :)


  1. this is a great site but you had osted the name wrong...you missed the "d" in the link...check it...

  2. Swarnali thanks for pointing it out to me... Fixed. :)
    Aarthi.. Yeah it's a nice site.. I'm gonna pick up some clutches for sure. :)

  3. lol...Talking of pointing out missing letters,I missed my "p" in the comment... :D
    The site is great and the prices are ridiculously low!!

  4. Oooh great find Nithya!!! Love the disclaimer :))
    Keep 'em coming! :) :)

  5. seems nice Nitya,,the dresses look pretty :)

  6. Yeah...swarnali and keerthi..love their prices. :)
    Namita: yup chk it out. :)