Monday, December 12, 2011

Glittery sandals from Shopatmajorbrands

There are a lot of weddings coming up in my family and I really badly wanted a pair of wedding heels. Oh you know- the type you can wear with saress which are nicely embellished and in shades of gold, that can be slipped off or on quite easily. Why? Coz at South Indian weddings you're required to take off your footwear if you take part in any of the religious rituals. So I cant be fumbling with buckles or straps then. Oh and I also wanted it to have a sufficiently high heel coz I'm just 5'2" and otherwise I'd feel like a midget in a saree. ;)
So after days of trolling the online shoe stores I'd shotlisted a few and when this one went on sale at ShopAtMajorBrands I immediately bought it. :D
Got these QueueUp sandals for rs.1100.

Aren't they pretty! They have these little stones on top and are in a Rose Gold shade which I think looks classier than just regular gold. They have a heel height of 3.5" but are surprisingly easy to walk in. Completely worth the 1100 I paid for these. I bought these on COD and it took about 4 days to be delivered.

You can check out other shoes from this brand here.
QueueUp store is also located at Ground Floor of Express Avenue Mall, Chennai.


  1. I'm sure these will look great with sarees, reasonably priced too :)

  2. I have something very similar to this one but from a different brand,,pretty!! :)

  3. Ya Uzma these work great with sarees and soo cheap! :D

  4. Namita, ya I think these are must-haves. Every girl must have some variation of these "wedding heels". :)

  5. Hey Purple, Thanks for following. You've yourself a got quite a blog. Ia m following you too for all the good reasons you have here. <3

  6. This looks so pretty. Simple and classy.

  7. @Shoppinaholic: Thanks Jiya! Coming from you, thats a real compliment! :)

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