Friday, December 16, 2011

Current Obsession: Jewel Toned Shift Dresses

I love wearing dresses. Casual dresses, dressy dresses, little black dresses, colour blocked em all. But the problem is you dont get such a wide variety of dresses here in Chennai and the ones that are available are either super expensive or not available in my fit or the way I like it or are just plain fugly. So what do I do?
Umm no shopping online for clothes isnt that convenient coz fabrics turn out to be different from the photo or the sizing isnt quite what you expected. So, no. Well, I love designing my own dresses and shopping for fabrics and getting it stitched.
Right now I'm loving these chiffon or crepe shift dresses in jewel colours. You can pair them with gold jewellery and killer gold heels and it'll look amazeballs. The best part- these are pretty easy to make so any tailor who makes kurtis would easily be able to stitch these.

These can have multiple variations- sleeveless shift, sheer long sleeves, one cape sleeve, one sleeve swing dress. Below are some options for *inspiration*

Split sleeve dresses from ASOS

One shoulder cape sleeve dresses from Lipsy

River Island long sleeve dress

Vero Moda One sleeve version
I plan to make this in Emerald green in a one sleeve swing dress pattern- will get synthetic crepe fabric for this, which has a nice sheen and drape. Will get this fully lined with cotton fabric so it doesnt go limp. Will make another one in orange synthetic crepe with matching sheer synthetic chiffon long sleeves. The body will again be lined with matching cotton fabric so it doesnt cling to the body.

My main inspirations-missmalini's Vero Moda dress and Maheep Kapoor's Jay Godfrey dress

In Chennai you can pick up these fabrics at Mangharams on Mount Road or at Nalli in T Nagar. Both synthetic crepe and chiffon cost around Rs70-100 a metre. You'd need about 1.5-2m of fabric for this dress. My tailor charges around Rs.200-400 for stitching a fully lined dress so my dress would be ready for a total of around Rs.500. Pretty neat huh? :)


  1. thts a nice piece of information TPS :) looking forward to ur version of this ;)

  2. BTW u an Architect???? nvr knew this. Me too ;)

  3. Jewel toned dresses look really lovely na..n its so fun designing your own dress n the whole lot of other stuff to get it ready :) :)

    show us once it gets stitched :)

  4. Jyoti, Namita- Sigh.. I've already exhausted this months shopping budget.. Will do this in Jan.. So excited. Will show you girls when I make mine though. :)
    Jyoti ya I'm an architect too.. You finished or still studying?
    Aarthi and Bhushavali: thanks girls! :*