Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vaadi Herbals Eye cream : OMG! It actually works!!

Ok I can't believe I'm actually writing this review for a Vaadi herbals product! That too a positive review! Only goes to show that you should not judge a book by its cover and an eye cream by its price or unattractive packaging. Hehe.
I'd received this eye cream free with a purchase from UrbanTouch loong back. Now Vaadi is a cheapie brand and not even in the " economical" sense that you'd probably say for brands like NYX or ELF or Himalaya herbals. This is actually a cheapie brand.. And it's fairly new so obviously people judge it by its pricing and packaging. I'd tossed this at the back of my wardrobe with disgust when I first received it. Then one day out of curiosity I opened it and smelt it. Didn't smell anything like a herbal product. Looked and smelt like any other cold cream. "Such a bogus" I thought.
I never had any dark circles earlier. I had some faint circles that would easily get covered up by foundation alone. (thanks to my mum at 50 has none!!). But since the birth of the lil dude I've developed greyish brown panda eyes! :( Comes with the territory of sleepless nights and having a baby I guess. Sigh~~~
Anyhow, I then decided to start using some eye cream at night coz my eye area needed some TLC for sure. But I didn't have any eye creams and then I remembered this Vaadi one. I thought ok I'm sure it won't do any harm even if it doesn't work. At least it'll moisturise the area. So I scooped up some of the cream and gingerly applied it under my eye and over the lids. Now it felt like any other cream. Not too heavy that it felt oily but also not light like a lotion that it got absorbed easily. Had to pat the cream in. In about 30-40 seconds the area under my eye felt slightly taut and stretchy. Not in the soapy, dry kinda way but n a nice, firm kinda way. Immediately my hands flew to my face and when I touched the under eye skin, expecting it to feel dry, I was surprised by how moisturised it felt! I was baffled that this cream brought this "hydrated yet taut" feel that mostly high end eye creams or anti wrinkle creams have! Wow! This was good stuff! And I'm happy and equally surprised to report that with continued usage for the past 2 months, my dark circles do seem lighter! Don't you just love happy endings? :)

Price : Rs.48 for 25 g

Yay for:

  • Smooth texture. Easy to pat in. Not too thick, nor too light.
  • Skin feels taut but hydrated after application.
  • Seems to reduce dark circles with regular use.
  • Very inexpensive
  • Comes in a small plastic pot. Easy to carry around.
  • No weird fragrance.
  • Would work for all skin types.
  • Can be worn at night or in daytime under makeup also since its not greasy.

Boo for:
  • Won't work on puffy eyes or under-eye bags.
  • Full ingredient list not mentioned!
  • No cooling sensation as claimed

Overall, I think this product is pretty great inspire of the low price. Works well for fine lines and dark circles and I'd recommend others to try it.

You can buy this online at UrbanTouch here

Rating : ***1/2


  1. Great...Looks like a great buy at such a great rate...:)
    Nice rveview..Would love to give it a try =)

    The Sweet Life

  2. This was my reaction when Vaadi lipblam worked for me :p

  3. Thank u :)) I have dark circles & I need this!

  4. A new brand!! Glad this worked for you :)

  5. hi...first time to ur blog :) happy to follow you :)
    Happy to meet another chennai blogger :)

    I have these panda like circles...will try this for sure :)

  6. Girls yes! This stuff really I'm tempted to try out their other items too...

  7. awesome!!! i hv thr neem tulsi face pack. Tht works nice too. bt has such a strong smell that i start getting headaches. :|

  8. does it work on reducing the dark circles and dark eyelids too?

    1. Yeah...i apply it over my lids too and I guess it does help.. I can definitely see some lightening of my dark circles.. Try it .. Anyway it's so cheap! Hehe

  9. Good review you share. I find this informative. Thanks.