Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maxfactor Kohl Pencil in Cobalt Blue : Review and Swatches

My love for blue eyeliner is no secret. I've got brown eyes and blues really flatter them well. I've been on the lookout for a blue kohl forever, something that I could wear on my waterline. I've got blue pencil liners form Maybelline, Faces and Colorbar but none of them are waterline safe. How do I know? I tried them on my waterline and my eyes immediately started burning and watering and I had swollen eyes the next morning. So kids, don't try that at home!
Caution: you can only use products that say kajal or kohl on your waterline.

So imagine my happiness when I saw this product listed on MedPlusBeauty.com. This retails for Rs.220 for but I bought it for Rs.187 online.
There are also other shades available: grey, black, taupe and brown. Wish there was a teal or green though.

It's just what the name says : cobalt blue. Pretty bright and completely matte.

It's not too creamy like the faces or Colorbar I-glide ones but not hard too. Pretty easy to get enough colour without tugging the eye. But since this is a kohl, it's not smudge proof or water proof. You rub it, it'll be gone.
Comes in a regular sharpen-able wooden pencil form. Fits in any regular sharpener. Easy to sharpen without breaking the tip.

Yay for:

  • Beautiful, bright blue colour. Flatters brown or black eyes well. Bright but not garishly so.
  • Waterline safe
  • Quite soft. Can apply without tugging eye area.
  • Not too soft that tip breaks when sharpening
  • Pretty inexpensive

Boo for:
  • Not smudge proof or water resistant
  • Lasts for about 3-4 hours and then fades away.

You can buy this online at MedPlusBeauty here or from any Maxfactor counter.

Overall, I think it's a neat product for the price and I love wearing this on my waterline with a wash of shimmery nude shade all over the lid. The blue is subtle enough to be worn during daytime too.

Rating : ****


  1. Pretty color and looks beautiful on your eyes :)

  2. the shade looks good!!!!

    would def want to check out the shades!!! :)

  3. Cobalt is one of my fave from the blue color scheme and this one is Oh so wow...your eyes look great in them :)

  4. OMG your eyes look gorgeous in the last pic. I am going to buy this pencil, though I am not into makeup and such stuff. Loved it!!

    And where have you been? long time!! thanks for your comments.

    <3 Jiya

  5. Thanks everyone.. Coloured kohls suit Indian eyes v well..chk them out!

  6. I love your eyes Nitya :) they are gorgeous... I love this shade cobalt blue..
    would check this one out soon :)

  7. eyes are looking so bright...

  8. I have one word for you - Beautiful!

    Two years ago, I saw this shade at Maxfactor. Can't believe I didn't get it! The colour is so pretty!!!