Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My birthday wish list

It's my favorite time of the year! I love the entire season from October right uptil January. Why? Multiple reasons- the winter starts setting in and I loooove winters (though in Chennai winters never really come but hey at least I'm not sweaty all the time. Sigh! I miss Delhi) and coz it's the festival season and there's something cheerful in the air that lifts your spirits and makes you wanna celebrate and hug everyone you meet. But most importantly I love these months coz I personally have a lot more to celebrate- my anniversary, the husbands birthday and MY BIRTHDAY!!
Yup! My birthdays coming up- it's on the 7th of January (gifts and cheques accepted ;)) and now it's legit to make lust lists. :)

So what all is on that list?

A nice gold watch.
Right now I wear a chunky chrome one but I've been bitten by the gold bug. It's everywhere. And it looks nice paired with dresses and jeans alike. My first choice is the absolutely drool worthy, highly coveted Bulgari Serpenti but with all the spending I've done over the last couple of months, I don't think the husband will take too well to me asking him for this. ;)
So like a good wife that I am, I've got another option- the Guess watch. Guess has a lot of options for chunky gold watches in the 10-12k range so I'll probably pick one of those. Wondering if I should get a gold face one (which doesn't have diamonds) or white or black face one(which has diamonds). I'm leaning towards the gold face but I also like bling. Uff! Such confusion.

A Tablet
Because I wanna read ebooks on the go and easily browse, check blogs and also upload my blog. I'm confused between samsung galaxy tab and iPad 2. Currently I'm hogging the husband's iPad but it's the original version and it's too heavy and doesn't fit in my bag easily. Need something that I can carry with me at all times.

Hair styler
I recently got my hair cut and shifted to a low maintenance style but it's growing and it'd be nice to curl my hair and change it up every once in a while. Again I'm wondering whether to get one which is like a blow drier with various attachments or the heat based one with attachments for curling, straightening etc.

A Grecian white dress
I've been wanting one for a long time but can't seem to find the perfect one. I spotted one that came real close to it at LightInTheBox but it's too expensive for something that claims to be a Chinese wholesale site. Hmpf! But the site does offer to customize the dress to your size and colour preference.

The Travalo perfume spray
I love perfumes and I sincerely believe smell is half seduction and always carry a 30mL bottle of perfume in my bag at all times. But I can't do so when I go for dinners or parties and only carry a small clutch with me. That's where this lil baby comes in handy. It's teeny and can be refilled easily with any perfume and looks cute too. But sadly it's not available in India and only have to order it from a US seller on eBay.

Leopard print heels
Been looking forever for the right one. Should have 3" heel, rounded toe and ankle straps. Still looking

Sequin clutch
Want one in gold and another in black. Zara and Mango both have great options but since both are unavailable in my city and don't have online stores, maybe I'll make one myself.

Plain chiffon saree
I picked up this dull gold fully sequined blouse from the Phoenix mall, Bombay recently and want a plain chiffon saree with a thin gold border to wear with it. I'm thinking perhaps a nice red one. Don't have a red saree yet.

Yup. Thats all. Just a simple girl with simple needs. :) Now to allocate one item each to all my bakras volunteers friends n family members to buy me these gifts... :)


  1. Girl you got style!! You put together a really good list...I couldnt even tell which one I would go for! They are all gorgeous! I love the idea of having a simple shiffon sari with a sparkly bling blouse! Have you thought about getting a rose gold watch? I have started to see them more and more recently...this Michael Kors is gorgeous!!

  2. Such a simple list:P. We share the same Birthday months and I have a list ready too but, everyone (Read, MOM+DAD+TO-BE-HUB) seems to ignore the fact that I am ready with my list even though my Birthday is 16 days from today :).

  3. Thats a pretty good list,I guess my list is quite similar,am dying for animal print somewhere in my wardrobe and shoes,they are so pretty!! I must thank you for your appreciation and your lovely comments on my blog... mwah :*

  4. Hi, just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I came across your blog a couple of months ago, but wasn't able to follow as my blog was giving me problems. Went through your entire blog yesterday. Loving your lip product reviews. Glad to find another Chennai-based beauty blogger.

  5. This sure is a super awsome list..especially that leopard printed heel and white dress..

  6. Super heavy list of items.. May your wishes come true :)

  7. Okay so here it goes. everything in your list is mine sans ipad. You've already got an ipad so I hope you receive rest of the items sooner. <3