Saturday, January 21, 2012

The perfect nude/smokey palette : Inglot

Ok, so it's no secret that I've been obsessing over nude palettes and the UD Naked2 actually comes pretty darn close but not quite. I'd like a matt dark brown too in it so I can use it to create soft brown smokey eyes for daytime office wear too.
So what's the solution? Create your own palette doll! I'm planning to get a 20 shade square palette from inglot and fill it up with all nude shades and complementary lip shades too. Maybe throw in a concealer and a brow powder and ta da! The best palette ever! All that you'll ever need. :)

So here's a list of shades that I personally think would make the perfect smokey eye palette and would also be very versatile in creating various daytime or more glam looks. I've put together some collages for quick reference. Again, the pics are from the www and if anyone objects, I can take them down. the basic shades that I think ought to be in a nude/smokey palette are:
matte black. : 391M
Matte beige. : 350M
Pearl white. : 453P
Gold. : 430P
Champagne highlighter. : 08S
Matte medium taupe brown. : 342M
Matte dark brown. : 378M
Medium copper. : 21S
Silver. : 454P
Matte grey. : 348M

Now onto some unusual, pretty shades to add a bit of colour and depth.
Matte beige with sparkles. : 463 DS
Gunmetal. : 434P
Olive blackened gold. : 419P
Lime-y gold. : 412P
Shimmery orange. : 15S
Shimmery dark plum purple. : 446P
Satin black with gold sparkles. : 64AMC
iridescent blue. : 428P
Iridescent green. : 418P
Iridescenct purple. : 439P
Sparkly teal. : 504 DS

I've also added some smokey eye looks that you can create with this palette.

Doesn't this seem great? Love inglot shadows! They're so buttery and super easy to blend, even the matte ones and great pigmentation too. You can buy these online at


  1. Wow.. these Inglot Eyeshadow Palette luks really pigmented and rich in colour

  2. Thanks for the shade listing :)Will bookmark this page!!

  3. nice post..thanx a lot and same as Raaga am bookmarking this =) <3

  4. Ohhh!! this is superb..I want more colourful e/s u've cut my work half! Thank you!! BTW: I took my UD palette and found close dupes at inglot..Chk my latest post

  5. Oh My! Colors are soooo pigmented. Love it.

    And eye looks are awesome. Great work dear.

  6. Thanks everyone! N yup inglot eyeshadows are really great!

  7. OMG! i luv almost all the colours...

  8. i am a lipstick horder haha :) love this post!

    I just posted a video on my favorite lip combo ever! come watch it here

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    Thanks! :)