Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super primer for open pores: NYX studio perfect primer in Clear

Do you have large pores? Did you have acne as a teen? Do you have acne marks on your skin? Is your makeup going stale within an hour? Is your skin affecting your self esteem? Do I sound like a cheesy teleshopping ad? Well then look no further than this super duper primer from NYX. The NYX studio perfect photo-loving primer in clear is specially formulated for open pores. Though I think any primer should help fill pores. There's also a couple of other options available in this. There's a lavender one for dull skin and a green one for redness. My main requirement from a primer is to fill my pores (aftermath of terrible acne when growing up) and to help my makeup last longer without oxidising coz of my oily skin. Yup, I'm so blessed!
This one form NYX costs $12 if you buy from BeautyJoint or CherryCulture but costs Rs.2450 if you buy from any Indian sites for 30mL! Crazy right?

This comes in a clear plastic squeezy tube which has a matte finish with a shiny black screw on cap and a thin nozzle which makes it very easy to get the product out.

This primer is nothing but silicones and parabens to preserve all that silicone. So if you're allergic to silicone stay away. Others, read on. Naturally, being all silicone this has great slip and gives a silky smooth feeling. A teeny tiny bit is enough to cover your whole face. But make sure you don't apply too much coz it can make the skin look greasy. To cover the whole face you probably need only about a small pea size. Smooth this over your face and wait a couple of minutes before applying your foundation to let the primer dry n settle down. I generally apply this over moisturiser even though I have oily skin. So girls, never ever skip moisturiser.
Once the primer has set in about a minute or so you can smooth your foundation over this. This provides a great base for the foundation as it spreads more easily. You'll also be easily able to achieve a flawless look as it covers the pores too, kinda like a transparent filling and when your foundation is applied over it, it makes the surface look even. I use a stick foundation and blend it with my fingers but this should work well with liquid foundations too I suppose.
I love how it makes my skin look flawless and smooth and it also keeps the shine at bay. It makes your makeup look fresh for longer but may not necessarily affect wear time. What I mean is - say your foundation sticks on for about 6 hours without primer, then by using this also you'll only be able to get 6 hours of wear time out of your foundation but it'll stay fresh for longer. For instance, if you find your foundation oxidises or goes dull in 3 hours, this'll probably keep it fresh for 5.
I had acne as a teen and still get the occasional pimple but this hasn't broken me out. I like wearing this to weddings and parties where I know I'd end up dancing or sweating and need my face looking fresh for longer.
Top off your foundation with loose powder or compact to keep it fresh.

See the photos below for proof. Oh and I've shot the pics in super close macro mode hence you might still see slight appearance of pores in the pic with the primer n foundation. But in person, the skin really looks flawless and smooth.

Yay for:
Covers/fills pores

  • Makes it easier to spread and blend foundation over this
  • Gives a flawless look
  • Keeps makeup fresh for longer
  • Holds blusher/bronzed better
  • Keeps foundation from oxidising
  • Prevents skin from getting too oily
  • Squeezy tube dispenses right amount of product
  • Packaging allows to see how much is left
  • Doesn't break me out
  • Not tested on animals
  • Very economical, if bought at dollar rate.
  • Would suit all skintones and types.

Boo for:
  • Doesn't make makeup last longer
  • Contains parabens
  • Expensive if bought in India
  • Availability is an issue

Overall, this is a great product if you want something to fill your pores or keep your makeup from oxidising or going dull. Will hold up even if you're dancing and sweating. But make sure you buy it at dollar rate from BeautyJoint or CherryCulture coz it's just way too expensive in India.

My rating: ****


  1. Indian sites are selling these firang brands for more than 200% profit and people still buy! Btw, I am glad to have company, open pores, acne, oily skin and all that jazz:)

  2. hey nice review, i have been considering to buy this for long...

  3. Great review, I had ordered this from ebay once but the package got lost :|

  4. Nitya I really like the way you put the review forward ,, :)
    As far as this primer goes,, it is working well for you,, and the pic with foundation on shows how good and bright your skin is looking :)

    1. Yeah! It does minimise the appearance of pores to a large extent. Love it. :)

  5. i want that lavender wala..but the price is keeping me from buying this..sadly I can't go for net banking,paypal or credit cod is the only option for me..and indian sites are totally taking advantage of this :( Like your detailed review btw :)

    1. Hey such primers are available in lots of other brands, I know inglot has a very similar silicon based one. You might wanna check that out. :)

  6. A good prod but too expensive :(