Sunday, March 11, 2012

The best mascara ever: Bourjois Fast and Perfect Volume. Oh plus it rotates. B-)

I've known to be a sucker for gimmicky stuff especially in makeup and most times it flops. But this time it's a super hit. I saw this mascara and instantly knew I *had* to get it. Why? Coz it has a switch and the wand actually rotates you guys! Super cool right? And pretty inexpensive too. I feel so James Bond-esque when I'm using this. Or a stylish spy- like Salt. I could totally be this girl on a secret mission to save the planet from evil and this mascara could be my handheld metal-melting laser beam. Yeaaaah. Zzzzt..zzzzzt.. and I'd wear a cape coz capes are so stylish right? Plus I'd swish it about when I walk and I'd stomp around in my knee high boots and I'd always have perfect makeup. But, I digress.
Anyhoodles, the Bourjois Fast and Perfect volume mascara retails at Rs.850 and I picked this up at discount from

I know I've already given it away but this mascara has a rotating wand that comes with a switch and I suppose runs on batteries which hopefully will not run out before the mascara does. The body seems like metal and is quite heavy. The lid/wand part of it is actually longer than the tube and screws on shut. The switch can be toggled to make the wand rotate either clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on which hand you're using I suppose.
The mascara itself is quite lightweight and goes on smooth. The formula isnt too thick nor too thin. Its just right, as Goldilocks would say. (forgive me, im reading nursery rhymes all day to my 6 month old) It doesn't clump at all or sting my super sensitive eyes. It lengthens, curls and adds slight volume to my lashes. Now I don't use a curler coz my lashes are already pretty curled and I only need some extra volume and length which this provides beautifully. You can get a natural effect with one coat or add one more coat for a dramatic effect. This mascara is not super dramatic but the right kinda dramatic..whatever that means! This also separates the lashes beautifully as it coats them.
Best part- you can switch it on and hold it at the base of your lashes and it will coat the lashes by itself, it just grabs your lashes and coats them. Love the effect. Also, this is a nice deep matte black mascara.

Yay for:

  • Rotating wand that spins both ways
  • Curls and holds lashes well
  • The brush holds lashes and coats them automatically as it rotates
  • Doesn't clump, goes on smooth
  • Pretty lightweight, doesn't weight down lashes
  • Doesn't sting
  • Washable with soap and water or comes off easily with makeup remover
  • Colour is jet black with matte finish

Boo for:
  • packaging feels Slightly heavy
  • Not water proof (I generally prefer washable mascara so it's not a con for me, but some may like theirs water proof)

    Overall, I'm in love with this mascara and I hope they don't discontinue it. Guys seriously, pick this up. A mascara that curls and coats by itself and doesn't clump. What more do you need?
    Available at all Bourjois counters or at or

    My rating: ****1/2


  1. woowiieee..this is really cool !!! kash it was waterproof too :) but still this is going into my wishlist :D nice review

  2. aww this is so nice :D
    Bourjois is one brand i want all product :)

  3. this was already in my wish list....Now i am convinced that i need is ASAP. :P Thanks spy lady ;)

  4. oooooo u have so loooooong eyelashes ... me jealous :( ... would try and see if it works on my lashes as well :D

  5. hey nice review..u got pretty lashes!

  6. this sounds amazing.. but i keep blinking so many times, even while applying kajal.. :(

  7. You already have so pretty lashes really! After using it, this mascara has really given nice curls to your lashes, me will go for this!