Tuesday, February 14, 2012

VioletBag.com: Site Review and Shopping Experience

Online shopping in India is at a very nascent stage right now and is about to explode into something Huge. And another great site to fuel our beauty and personal care needs is VioletBag.com. It's been around for a while now and has had very positive feedback in the indian blogosphere. So I decided to check it out too.

Site Layout and Interface
The site layout is very neat with a pleasant violet (surprise) and white theme and has a drop down menu to select makeup stuff or personal care products, etc. You can even view products by brand or product type- lip products or eye products, etc. But what I found to be a drawback was that you can't further narrow down your search to say eyeliners or eyeshadows alone for eye products or lip liners, lip glosses or lipsticks for lip products. But you can narrow down by brand or price range which is a useful feature.

Featured Brands
VioletBag has a wide range of brands in makeup, skincare, personal care and fragrances and they keep adding new products regularly.
The best part is that most of the items are on good discounts too.

I ordered for a Revlon luxurious smokey eye crayon in Bronze smoke, a Vega professional pencil brush, a revlon colorstay lip balm and Vega eyeshadow applicators.
At first the lip balm wasn't available but they managed to hunt it down from some dealer (brownie points for this) and I received my package in 4 days. I was given a confirmation email with the tracking code as soon as they dispatched the parcel. I'd opted for COD and received it in good condition.
The package arrived in all it's violet glory with the content firmly wedged between thermocol cubes and bubble wrapping. Very pleased with the packaging.

Yay for:
Wide selection of brands
Easy to navigate site layout
Good discounts on almost all products
Free shipping on purchases over rs.250
Cash on delivery available
Friendly customer service
Quick delivery
Very good packaging

Boo for:
No sub filters available for makeup components

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this site and would recommend others to check this out. Especially recommend their makeup brushes section and fragrances.

My rating: ***1/2

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher to shop at the site but the review and experience is sincerely mine.


  1. Great Review :) I reviewed this on my blog too.
    Are you Tamilian?

    1. Yeah Lancy... My mother tongue is Tamil but I grew up in Delhi and now married n settled in Chennai... :)

  2. Nice haul! Will wait for the lipbalm review! Is that a cute baby feet in the second pic or is something wrong with my eyes not sure :))

    1. Haha...yeah Uzma that's my 6 month old son's foot...had a hard time keeping him out of the frame.. Hehe.. And oh the lip balm is great so far...love the cute packaging more! :)

  3. nice review and lovely haul nitya :)
    yet to shop from them

  4. Have been shopping like a maniac from this site. How about the expiry date and date of manufacturing. Some of the items we recently purchased had their expiry date in 2013

  5. OMG everyone is talking good things about this site ... hmmm let me also try it :D .. nice review Nitya :)

  6. I like violetbag site, very prompt delivery and items are usually of fresh stock. Hey how's the vega brush u bought?

    1. Pooja the brush is actually pretty great... It's small n dense n can be used to pick colour on lids nd also blend the crease when you're in a hurry and can't bother with brushes. I think it's a must have.

  7. Good review ... thanks for sharing