Friday, February 24, 2012

Revlon Aqua mineral finishing powder Vs Revlon aqua mineral makeup : battle of the magically cool liquid loose powders

Guys do you remember the magically cool liquid powder that came out in the MAC venomous villains collection that everyone was going gaga over? Well, Revlon did it long back. This Aqua mineral powder works on the same concept. The minute it touches your skin, it feels like a liquid, but is actually a powder. Cool no? First when I heard about it I thought this'd be like those cooling prickly heat powders that have menthol. But this is nothing like those. This is really something else. It claims to have coconut water in it but I dunno how that works. Anyhow, I knew I had to have this coz I just cant resist these gimmicky things. What? They're so cool!

Revlon has these in 2 variations- one called the mineral makeup (with black cap) and other called finishing powder (with the white cap). Now these are part of the colorstay range but the mineral makeup variant has fine shimmer in it. The other is matte. Both are otherwise packaged identically- the loose powder is contained in a transparent box with a sifter on top and the screw on cap has a slide-out little brush. This brush actually is very soft and dense and will come in handy if you're getting ready in a hurry or need to do touchups outside. Otherwise, I recommend using a kabuki as that is larger and will give a better finish.
These are slightly expensive though at Rs.1100 for about 10g of product.
Even though one is called mineral makeup, it is nowhere close to powder foundation in terms of coverage. I think both can be used only as setting powders over your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Only difference- the mineral makeup has fine silver shimmer (why???) and the finishing powder is matte. So I use the one with shimmer only at night when I'm going for parties or dinner or weddings and the matte one I use in the daytime to avoid looking like a Twilight vampire.

I personally love these powders, especially the Finishing powder which is matte. When you brush these on your skin it feels as though your brush is wet! It's such a nice feeling! Mmmmmmm... Both are very finely milled soft translucent powders with no or min coverage but have excellent oil control and staying power. These can be compared to MAC setting powder. Just brush this on top of your makeup and it'll keep your makeup fresh for longer without altering the texture. Wont cake up or oxidize. Didn't break me out. You won't see results immediately when you apply it. Don't be disappointed by that coz translucent powders won't show up at all. But you'll see the difference at the end of the day when you take your compact out for a touch up but voila- touch up not required! :)
I used it once before a party and it was fresh even after I came home 4 hours later despite all the dancing and light sweating.
I like to use the shimmery one under my eyes so it acts as a subtle highlighter to set the concealer and the matte one all over my face coz I have oily skin and I don't like to add shine to my face.
Please note that this will not hide your pores or even out your skin tone as it claims. This is ONLY a setting powder that can be used over your made-up face to keep everything in place. But it's brilliant at that. It somehow makes me look fresher and brighter and it stays that way for longer.
In fact, I only wanted to get the matte one but when I saw the other one was on a great discount at, I just couldnt resist!! Got that for 600!!! Would have been criminal not to buy right? And the finishing powder (which I love more) is from StyleCraze and bought that at 10% discount after I hounded requested Chetana to stock this for me. :)

This is also available at all major stores.
These are available in some 4 shades in India I think: Light, light-medium, Medium, Medium-deep.
I have the shade Light in the aqua mineral makeup (black cap, shimmery) and the shade Light-Medium in the Finishing powder (white cap, matte). But both work well against my nc40 skin since they are so translucent. I think these should work well for all Indian skintones.

Overall, I will recommend this to anyone who has oily skin and wants their make up to stay fresh without oxidizing for long and also for those who just want a setting powder that doesn't alter texture or colour of the rest of your face. Plus the magic feeling of liquid you guys! Pick up the Revlon Colorstay Aqua mineral finishing powder. You wont regret it. :)

My rating: ****


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