Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I've been AWOL : List of (lame) excuses

Ive been a bad girl! I know I haven't blogged for the last three months. But I have my excuses ready. Yes sir! I started working again from April (which is co-incidentally when I stopped blogging) and between working, managing the baby and having a decently active social life I just haven't had the mojo or the time to blog. Mostly lost mojo coz I somehow suddenly didn't see the point in parading all that I have been buying. So perhaps this blog will now head in a new direction. Who knows! Psst..doesn't mean I've stopped shopping. if!

Oh btw I do have a day job. I'm an architect and now I'm working part time. I do 12 noon to 6pm which is quite convenient. Anyhoo, just to bring the blog up to speed on what's been happening in my life... The cub is almost 11 months old now and if this were a mommy blog I'd be telling you how he's now learning to walk and how he has clear tastes and is already throwing tantrums! But since this ain't one I shall not.

I'm also taking a teeny tiny short holiday to Bangkok next week and this would be the cub's first international holiday. Why Bangkok? Coz it's cheap, the flight is only 4.5hrs long and mama wants to do some shopping. The husband and some other friends are coming along too so should be fun! Just hope the cub behaves decently. *fingers crossed* This is my second trip to Thailand so I already have a clear idea about where to go (where to shop) and have done some further research in the field and shall present my findings shortly. :)

Oh and I've started getting out a fair bit and even got featured on the page 3 here on Times of India and Deccan Chronicle newspapers. *giggle* Also, I realised I'm not bloody 20 anymore! Can't stand these loud clubs hopping with college kids. Much rather prefer lounge bars with good music at decibels that don't make your ears go *guiiiiiinnnnnnnnn* afterwards and you can have a decent conversation with your friends without having to shout into their eardrums. Or maybe this is only coz im not drinking these days. :p

So yep...that's about it. Hope to blog more often. Also hope to change the flavour around here. Not just product reviews after product reviews! How boring right!